Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love like Mine

My blog is my safe haven. Apart from a few friends, no one knows about it. lol. That's why i feel safe to shout to the high heavens that I'm in love with a man for the first time in my life. :)
Dimples is all that and so much more. I know this sounds cheesy but its true. Hes perfect for me. Sometimes i feel everything is going too good so i try to pick a fight. lol. Childish i know, but the make up "feels" is tots! worth it. lol

Last night, he put his arm around my waist when we were walking out of the restaurant. I just fell into his arms. My strong strong man. I love him :) He's so considerate and even with the age difference he always asks, "what do you think?". Together we are strong. I pray to God everyday and i say thank you Lord for giving me a partner that fell in love with You first. Because he loves You Lord with all his heart, he knows how to love me in a million ways.

He's sexy. The chemistry is like "WOOOAAHHH". But Jesus is our "gumming" body holder. hahahaha. Sometimes when he gives me that look i just want to "jump" him. I don't though. I tell the "gumming" body devil to get thee behind me. lol. I love him.

I told my ma about 'this' guy I'm seeing. Shes totally on my side. I didn't go into details but i know shes cool. She just said, "be careful nne". No introductions yet but slowly slowly and surely.

There's this girl that is actively pursuing him. It started in their church o as a small group kinda "brother/sister" thing. Now this girl is singing the Lord revealed to her that He (Dimples) is the one! The heck? Ah! Inukwa case. Dimples told her that Hes taken and the Lord hasn't told him anything about her. She was like, yea she knows. That's shes gonna wait and pray for him to come to her. See monitoring spirit! lol. Dimples laughed it off and me now had to go to the church sef to scope the girl a lil. I was curious cos about two of his friends in church told me about her too. The girl na Fine girl o! But please she should go and pray and wait for someone else na Shuo? See how shes actively praying we don't work. hahaha. I'm not worried and its def funny. Well it is ba? lol

Hope yall are good? Ive written about three posts but I'm too tired and lazy to proofread. Thank you for the support and love and for always sharing my posts! Tolu! i see you! too :).
Love yall and imma get to proof reading soonest!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Dimples

Oga Dimples added a year to his life in May. I remember I had asked for gift ideas on here. Thanks guys for helping out. Well, something happened in my family around that time so the money I was supposed to spend on his gift was spent on my family matter. Family first shey? lol. Anyway money for hand come short well well and I had to come up with something fast. Wait first let me start from the beginning.

My initial plan when I still hold money was to treat him to dinner at this expensive Indian restaurant in downtown. My friend told me about some Italian ball room dancers performing that night somewhere close to the restaurant. I was gonna get us tickets to see the show after the dinner. Then when the show ended, we would stop by this nice Ice cream place I love(Marble Slab) and enjoy some sweet treats. 

I pictured us doing the "sweet talk thing" and just having a Lil down time sitting by the beautiful water fountain next to the ice cream shop to further enjoy each others company. At the end of the night(whatever time that was), I drop him to his house and give him his gift. I also wanted that night, during the goodbye, to be the first time we kissed on the lips. Hahaha! We still never kiss (as at then sha). We are children of God nu. Na slowly slowly we dey do am. lol

So the gift i had in mind to buy then, was gonna be some really nice Italian shoes. Them shoes cost ooo! Almost a nine hundred dollars something. lol. Unbelievable shey? My dears, when love carry you, you will want to empty your pockets and your heart just to make sure your other half is taken care of. And oh, I was gonna be the driver for the night. lol. That was gonna be special because I've never driven him. He's always the one driving us everywhere. Not that I'm complaining. Abeg I like to throwaway leg and relax as person dey drive me around. Na princess wey I be na. *patsweave. Haha! 

See all my fine plans! But money said no! Hahaha. When I finished taking care of family business and paying the bills for the month, I barely had $200 left from my spend money. I have money in savings account o but there's no way I was gonna dip into my "mad money" for man. I never like am reach like that... Igbo girl no fit change o! Una free me. lol

Things with Dimples was all well and good. The guy is plenty amazing. Anyway sha, I just dey on my own one day like that thinking about what i could do for him with the $200 i had left. Na him i come get this phone call. See how conversation went o! 

Me: hello
Lady: hello, is this Leona? 
Me: yes this is she. How may I help you? 
Lady: hi honey, I'm Sweet Momma. I am Dimples mother.
Me: (panicked) What? You are who now? 
Lady: (laughing)  I'm Sweet Momma. You're dating my son, Dimples.
Me: Holy Ghost Fire! (i really said What? 

At then a million thoughts was running through my head. The call made me dizzy.
My hands were so shaky and my heart was pounding so fast. I wasn't thinking straight and by mistake(or maybe my fingers knew what they were doing), I cut the call and dropped my phone on the floor. Lmbo. My phone screen cracked. I was a total mess. I was like, "HUH? What the heck just happened?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crickets* Crickets* lol

So they still never find the girls ooo! Boko Haram is still sharing bomb all over the place. It's really heart breaking and sad but I still believe God hasn't forgotten us. Peace will reign in Gods time. #bringbackourgirls #stopBokoHaram #love&peace. 

Alot has happened o! I'm just gonna tell it all in different posts! But first, Let me thank my loyal readers. Thanks guys! Even though I wasn't blogging, I still see y'all visiting my page. Thank you for the love and support. The enemy wants us to run and hide but we won't. We will continue to live and praise The Lord and have faith that in His time, all will be well.

Leona is back my dears! My aim is to write at least 3 posts a week. I believe I can! I know I can! lol. Let's hope I will. 

How y'all doing? Chai! Hope you didn't miss me too much o! Hugs and kisses to you! 

Love, Leona :) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The reason why

I haven't written anything in over a month because I've just being down. Nigeria makes me down. The news everyday about whats going on breaks my heart. I worry too much because I have family there and also because its my country. The country I love. Where i was born and bred. Nigeria...

I promised myself i wasn't gonna blog until they girls are back. One month and counting and they're still missing. Held captive. How are they? Are they ok? Why are they(Boko Haram) still blowing innocent citizens up? Why? Why do people have to die for no reason. Ive been giving myself high bp so Ive decided to stop reading and listening to the news about Nigeria. Im too young to go to an early grave or have cardiac arrest.
Im not giving up on my country though. I have faith. I have faith that soon Through Christ Our Lord and the hard work of everyone trying to bring peace back into our country, that all will be well.

Oh good Lord... come to our aide. This just breaks my heart. May the souls of the departed in the bomb blast (all of them) rest in peace. Amen.

I will still blog. Please stay with me. Gotta get myself together...

Love, Leona.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I finally fixed my Internet at home! yay! I can totally blog at home now. I'm so happy about that! Actually Ive been so sad with everything going on in Nigeria esp about the most recent Kidnapping of the girls in Borno State.

Where are our Chibok girls? Almost 200 girls still missing! Kidnapped by terrorists! Where are they? What is our government doing about this?

Dear, Mama haven't said anything to these mothers. A little word of encouragement and hope will go a little way in their hearts. At least, pretend to care.

Dear President Goodluck,
Is your campaign more important than the lives of your citizens Sir? We are looking to you. Please do something about this sect Boko Haram. That's why we elected you. To fight for us. To be there and act on our behalf. To put the lives of the citizens first. You are failing us. Please do something. #BringBackOurGirls


Friday, April 25, 2014

Blame Game!

Ah! blame my lack of regular blogging on my Internet o! So i recently discovered i was paying waaaayy too much on my Internet bill. I called my provider to find out why and ended up cutting it off. I did that in annoyance and i didn't even have a back up plan. lol. Ive been so busy working and doing other stuff that by the time i remember to call them people (another service provider), customer service people don close. Anyway I'm hoping to fix it soon.

My work people have been over doing too damn much. Talking about don't use the Internet and ish when you are at work. Ehn why leave it on my computer if you don't want me to use it? How exactly do you want me to stay awake at night on these night shifts ehn? Na wa o! This new supervisor is doing the most. Her gist will full at least five posts. And that's me being kind. Shes a good person (somewhere underneath that mean facade) but her holier than thou attitude can like to piss somebody off. "Don't drop your cup there", "don't go to that bathroom, its too far from your unit", "your break should be in the break room" etc etc... I too tire.

I'm sorry dear readers. So much to talk about. Me and Oga Dimples haven't fought(thats oyibo talk for disagreement/quarrel) yet but we came close to it last night. I had to use my inner zen to calm Gist later.

Gotta run now. The aproko supervisor is parading the floor. Looking at our computer screen with her 10 eyes. Fake smiling with that 1980's sweater and shoes that have seen better days begging for mercy. hahaha... I had to yab her small.

Kisses guys! Love, Leo :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter! Plus Updates!

Lunch with Ezeji was awesome. The conversation flowed freely and i must say he still looks hella good. He had them big nerdy glasses on as a fashion statement i guess, but he pulled it off. lol. He is moving back to town cos he's going to be doing his residency here. Fine fine doctor. Too bad I'm not available :)
I told him o! I told him that if he is looking for a girl, he better not look at me. Im taken! lol. "It was a harmless hangout", he said. He was also like if he wants me he can do better than Dimples. hahahaha! It was all jokes. Hes been so good at keeping in touch. Always whatsapp-ing and calling when he gets a chance. Its all innocent o! Haaa... My Oga at the top still dey.

Speaking of Dimples. His birthday is coming up this May. Ive been thinking of what to get him. He has all the gadgets including the PS4 so I no sabi what to buy am o! I'm thinking shoes and ties or socks? Socks? lol. Surely they have designer socks ba? Don't laugh me o! I'm new at this. Plus the guy is always giving me something. He has set the bar real high. lol. If he was my husband i would have pulled out the sexy trench coat and sky high heels and red lipstick and the dinner for two, then all night sex at an exclusive hotel. Hahahaha... too bad he is still stuck at boyfy levels. His loss ;)

So what should i get him? I really wanna get him something great but i have a budget o! must eat after birthday celebration okwia? lol. I'm still thinking. Any suggestions are welcome. Remember we have only been together officially for two months. I cant be going all out like that. Lets wait till month 6, then i can go crazy. Crazy but with my legs still closed. haha. Na!, no osho free things at all. And Hes ok with that. Very very very OK. I have me a great guy. Bless God.

Its Easter Sunday you guys! Happy Easter! Jesus is the reason for the season. I'm celebrating the resurrection of Christ with my family. Its gonna be fun.

Also, its not weird that i didn't ask Dimples to spend the day with me and family ba? I kinda read the disappointment in his eyes when i didn't invite him over. But i cant though. Not yet. I have a big family and na one by one i go break the news to them. We are Nigerians to the core. lol. Hes never spoken to anyone from my family nor has he seen them in person. lol. His mother called me o! And his sister is amazing! We met and are totally best friends now. I love her. Its not like I'm hiding anything but... E go hard with my family o! Anyway this is a different tori for una.

Happy Easter :) Tolu cook and send over for me. Hi Lae! I miss you. And to all y'all. I love you! Thanks for supporting and always sharing my posts! It means alot :) God bless you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 random things about Me!

Number One: I love chicken wings! I absolutely love them! I could sit and chow down on 20 piece chicken wings, in 5 mins! I am not even kidding. It was an obsession, an addiction even! I thought id never stop. My favorite is BBQ chicken wings. I used to eat them alone or i have mashed potatoes and brown gravy to accompany it. Its so funny, i hated mashed potatoes for the longest time. It looked like badly pounded, pounded yam to me. Tasted like crap to me too. My friend Babiijam got me to try it at this Steak House restaurant we went to for her 21st birthday couple of years ago and that's when i fell in love. Mashed Potatoes with brown gravy and bbq chicken wings had me well on my way to Obesity. Thank God i stopped in time. lol. I will have to say that i do have a chicken wing here and there but never in excess like i used to. Also i love them traditional. You know with the bone in. When ever i hear someone ask me if i want boneless chicken, i fall on the floor and laugh my butt off! Why would i eat chicken wey no get bone? Why? My forefathers will turn in their grave! No thanks... Id love my chicken smothered in BBQ sauce and with the bone in please! Thank you. lol. All that weight i gained from the Southern fried chicken eating went to my boobs. I love my boobs! They're healthy and finally they're getting the attention and respect they deserve. lmbo! I'm a mess! I know! haha :)

Number Two: I am very frugal with money! I love my money! I love making money, I love counting money, I love saving money. Not to brag but i have never been broke in my life. I don't ever plan to be. I am not that girl that will spend all the money in her account and leave it at 0.0000. Tufiakwa! I cant do that. I never do that. Its not like i have a whole lot of money... No o! Its just that i know how to budget and how to separate my needs from my want. When i was in school in naija i was the treasurer of all the clubs i was in. I know how to keep money and i will never dip my hand into cash that doesn't belong to me. Never! Doesn't matter how much i want it. And trust me, if i need money, i will def go to my savings. All my friends, siblings and parents trust me with their money. I think that's an amazing thing. I've never duped my parents before. If that thing costs 2grand, I'm telling them it cost 2grand. My siblings give me their money to safe guard for them. I keep it and when they ask for it, i give it all without a cent missing. Yes, I am a trust worthy person. I no dey do corner corner business. That's why i know i cant ever own a business. I'm way toooo honest with cash. lol. I don't borrow money either. It disturbs my soul. Seriously! I remember when i bought my first car. It cost a lot of money but i only had half of it. The man i was buying it from was a neighbour and he said I can have the car and pay half the money. He was gonna give me 3 months to come up with the rest of the money. My people, i got another job plus the one i had already and worked all the overtime in this world. I came up with the other half of the money in a month. I ran and paid my debt FAST! I love to be free. lol. I don't like to borrow money from people but i'd def help a friend out. I do lend my friends money. But i only do so if i can live without that money for a while. I think its harassment when you willingly lend someone money and within a week, you're calling to get it back. If you know you cant do without that money, my dear hold it. Let someone else help your friend or you can always give it without expecting it back. What are friends for ehn? lol.

3. Nigerian Music! I love Nigerian Music! Check my YouTube history, i tunes, anything...Its all Nigerian Music! I love, love them! I first fell in love with Nigerian music in 2004. That's when Styl Plus came out with Olufumi. Before then I had only Listened to Igbo Christian Music and Barney and friends Music. Don't judge me, i was a very sheltered kid. I bought the CD, my very first CD purchase and i molested that CD ehn... My aunt from America had bought my brother and i disc man. That disc man see pepper o! We were always fighting about whose turn it was to use it. lol. I fell asleep listening to Runway, I woke up to Olufumi, i ate while dreaming of the day Id meet those singing angels! I rem when i saw the video for Olufumi! Oh Lord... i fell in Love with Tunde! Like hopelessly. There i was, a Lil kid dreaming of the day Id meet that fine boy that is Tunde. lol. I knew the words to all their songs! I bought every Cd, i bought their posters sef for my wall. I cut them out whenever i saw them in magazines, I was a true fan girl. Chai! Styl Plus! Where are you now?
lol. My jam for now is Yemi Alade's Johnny! Listen to it below and join me in grooving! I love my Man Flavour! All 6 pack, dreads and delicious body of him. Hes so sexy and his songs are just always on point. My fav one is "Shake". Omo, I cant sit still if i hear that song playing anywhere. lol. Davido is cool too. Nothing like going for your dreams and not just relying on daddy's money. I think hes immature and needs a belt to hold his pants but he makes good music. Dbanj, Don J, Tu face are all legends! Gotta love them! Chai Tuface is no 1. That guy got talent mehn. I saw him perform live and he was so good.
I cant forget my brothers Psquare and Bracket. If not for Dimples i was gonna go find the dark guy from Bracket. I think his name is Vast ba? My cancer survivor! A fighter! Nothing is sexier! Love him :)
I love my Naija music. Anytime. Any day. Shout out to Lagbaja and Daddy Showkey.

Thats my jam. Flavour never gets it wrong!
Current fav! Yemi Alade is a stunner!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sweet nothings

caller id shows your name...
my heart  skips!
i hear your voice...
my heart starts beating fast!
you call me your baby...
my palms get sweaty, and my lips curve into a smile :)
you laugh... you laugh... you always laugh at my jokes
my heart is happy.
we talk and talk and talk...
today Im hiding in the bathroom at work talking to you.
you tell me about your day
i know i should hang up, but i cant...
i wanna hear you talk to me forever.
i wanna hear you laugh with me forever
i have never said the words
but i know its true.
i am actively,
head over heels

Leona is sooooooo gone! lol. ;)

Friday, March 28, 2014


That's all I'm gonna call him.

Ezeji is my friend. I know this sounds cliche but he was the first really close male friend I ever had. I met him in 2009 and we became fast friends! He's not that tall but he is so cute! He is dark, with the loveliest smile, an oval face with really nice cheek bones and he knows how to rock them glasses!
Ezeji was my tutor for a long while when he was in my school. Every time i had trouble with any class at school, I would run to him. He was always helpful and kind. He always made time for me.

This guy had 2 jobs while in school. He was on scholarship but still had to work to support himself. Hard working, smart, kind, friendly, and nice. He was/is really really nice.  Also very Respectful to everyone and thoughtful. Never one to engage in drama, never one to hold a grudge. He helped me find myself? lol, and taught me how to stand up for what i believed in. Like Ms Lupita said, he helped me realize that "my dreams are valid". He was/is a great guy.

I had a massive crush on him then! But i hid it. lol. I never let on. I never told him. I was really really OK just being his friend. Besides tons of girls i knew liked him too. All races, everyone! lol. But really though, he had alot of admirers. A lot of them! He didn't seem to have time to date though. I mean the guy had to keep up his GPA plus work to support himself. He had younger siblings his parents were taking care of.  His family wasn't very well to do so he worked his butt off to achieve his goals in life. He was focused, driven, very hardworking. No really, lol. Im not even kidding. He was perfection. Well minus the height sha. You cant have it all :)

I had this friend Ashley. She liked him, so she came to me. She poured her Lil heart out to me, so i was sent on a mission to go get Ezeji for her. lol. I wanted him too but that wasn't gonna happen because na friend zone he dey with me, so I had to try for my friend.
I went to him with my case. lol. Told him about Ashley, showed him her picture, and sang her praises. He was hesitant at first but i buttered him up and gave him her contacts. They went out on a date for coffee but the guy wasn't feeling her like that though. Ashley really really liked him. He told me he wasn't interested in her but i couldn't tell Ashley. I pleaded with him to keep going out with her o! The boy refused and broke the poor girl's heart. Well that only lasted a day cos the sharp babe Ashley was on to the next  After that happened, i started to avoid him. lol. It was a little childish on my part because i was mad at him. I was angry for another person palava. lol. I was taking panadol for head ache wey no belong to me. lol. Ah i was a case then sha...

Anyway he cornered me one day like that and practically dragged me to the cafeteria to talk. Me i was forming like what na. lol. Doing shakara of "I'm not talking to you". See case na... I wasn't talking to him On top another person matter o! lol. I was such a child...
 He then got all serious talking about he "missed me" and stuff. Ah! I confuse o! I didn't really understand what he meant until he spelled it out for me. "I like you", he said. I remember that day so well. My heart did a somersault. Like no joke. My whole body was all cold. lol. I think that was the first time a guy confessed his feelings for me.
For a while he looked at me to say something... anything. I sat there motionless for a long time. He kept asking me to say something please. I finally mustered up the courage and i told him "I have a boy friend...". lol. Who dash me boyfy then? I lied! lol.  Through my teeth, I lied.I liked him so much o! But i lied.

That was four years ago. Ezeji is finally done with his (out of town)medical school. He called me yesterday, he is back in town. He wants to come see me. lol.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Ex Factor

So i met Dimples most recent ex last night. Dimples and his friends had a Lil get together at his cousin's place. I was all up in there looking fresh and smoking as heck! lol. But yea though :) Y'all know i hate going out but this was for someone special to me so i had to put in effort. And i did good! Ehn i know you want proof... I'm not uploading any picture so take my word for it! #tongueout :)

It was actually a nice gathering. It wasn't full of rowdy guys and girls. It was filled with well educated, good looking, fresh young people. I was impressed. Then again my "Oga" is on PHD level thingz so na "bigs" people he suppose know.  Na so na. Ndi education. hahaha... The atmosphere was welcoming, the friends were great to me and the gathering was catered by Red Lobster. My fave restaurant! Of course i chop food plenty na. E fukwa(See) free food ;)

Her legs. Oh good Lord... that babe had legs for days mehn. Mile high and off the ground legs! Tape measurer go finish, if you're trying to measure her legs. She knew that was her best feature because sister mi was dressed to kill everyone. She had on this skimpy leather  short shorts and her hair looked like it was ready to be used in a Hair advert. Omo the babe fine die! It was hard not to notice her because she was like a social butterfly. From one person to the other. Laughing and smiling! Damn i wanted to be her for a min.

I was standing and talking to Dimples and Karen. She made it over to us. I wanted to do my fan girl spaz and ask her about her hair right away. God was on my side. Thank God i didn't o Because the pretty girl at the party i was admiring, happened to be the crazy ex of my boyfriend! hahahahaha... My goodness... i did not see that coming at all.

Looks can be deceiving o! In my mind i was thinking... "Chei so this na the emotionally unstable babe i don hear about ehn? See as she look like normal human being. Haaaaa... Na wa o!". Dimples and the babe broke up in 2011. Dimples never went into detail with me about what happened though. I didn't ask either. Karen was the one that gave me the load down. She and the cousin gisted me all that happened with her. If i start this gist, this post will be long for days!!!!!! lol. I can tell you though that she broke up with him, then went around tarnishing his name, then came back almost everyday for a year begging for another chance. She went to his office, his mother, his friends, etc... The girl was relentless! One time she gave him 100 phone calls in a day and over 50 emails proclaiming her undying love! In a day o! Dimples ran to church to pray her out of his life. lol. There was a period they reconciled but he refused to sleep with her. She then carried a rumor that he had turned gay. ROTFLMAO!!! This babe do pass every ex i don hear about. lol

She knew my name plus what i did for a living sef. I was like, "haaa this sister don do her investigation on me proper. Oh good Jesus help me o! Baba Lord you sabi say i know fit fight for man.... If the girl is looking to make a come back in his life, i go just leave the two of them. I no get strength for plenty drama sha". lol. I was just thinking...

She stood and talked with us for a long time. I was uncomfortable and i could sense Dimples was too. She just wouldn't leave. She kept talking and moving around with us. I was being nice and patient but i really wanted to tell her to shut up and leave na abeg. Our saving grace was Karen that text messaged her boyfriend to come and rescue us from her . When we finally got away from her, Dimples couldn't even look me in the eye. Home boy was  so embarrassed. I badly wanted to harass and taunt him and laugh my head off. But i just maintained sha. Time to make fun of him will come later. No use kicking a man when hes down... My poor baby :)
But chai the Ex is hot o! Fine gorgeous babe. I no go lie.  But After that interaction with her though, I'm good being me. Legs close to the ground and all. Me is fabulous ;) #flipsweaveandwalksawayheadheldhigh. lol

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All in my head

Hi guys! I have a lot to talk about but this week is already so crazy for me. It used to be just work&fam but now i have a relationship to take care of too.

This past two weeks I've learnt that when you are in a relationship, its not just you. You gotta think of the other person, you gotta share your life, you gotta be open and thoughtful and kind. You have to think before you speak, you have to be careful because you are dealing with someone Else's feelings. Phew! Honestly it is a bit much.
See I'm a workaholic. Ive been taking care of so much since i was 16.  I have two jobs right now and i work 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. Besides that, i still have to help out with my Lil niece and nephew at home. At the end of the day or my free time all i freaking want to do is SLEEEEEEPP! I want to eat and sleep! I don't want to be on the phone, I don't want to go out. I just wanna sleep so my batteries are recharged for the long day tomorrow.
I don't know how to put on makeup. My hair is always up in a messy bun and my wardrobe consists of different kinds of medical work scrubs and sneakers. When I'm free(rarely) i just want to kick back and watch a kdrama or Castle or Disney channel with my niece. I cant use my phone at work but im allowed computer privileges. They have all the chat sites blocked including all social

You like someone, You really like them...but that's not enough. They say someone who cares about you will make time to see you right? What if that person works 6 days a week, 14 hour a day and just loves to sleep and sit in the house when shes free because shes so tired? Is that a deal breaker?
Long distance relationship was so much easier...

I hate driving. He lives an hour away. He offers to come to me but I'm at work or i just really want to sleep. Getting dressed for a fancy outing just has my body screaming, NOOOOOOOO! I'm just like ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!
I really didn't think this through...maybe I'm not ready. I mean I've been single all my life. Maybe i should leave it that way. Maybe i love sleep more. Or maybe i should get off my butt and make time for this angel God has sent to me... Maybe I need to do better... Maybe I'm just rambling... Maybe just maybe Leona is slowing losing it... ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Blog Award

So last week i got my first blog award! Abi is it nomination? lol. Whichever one it is, its still so cool. Yay! I'm so excited. Thank you! Ms Amaka nominated me and its called the LIEBSTER Award. If you no fit pronounce am, its because it is of German origin. lol. Its kinda like a chain get it, accept it and then forward(nominate) to other bloggers.

Now time to answer the questions Ms Amaka ( asked me!

1. What is/are your worse fear(s)?
That I'd get eaten by a dog. lol. I'm so scared of losing my parents before they'd get  to reap the fruits of their labor. I pray everyday God protects them for me. My friends think im a scaredy I sabi fear o! But I'm mostly scared that something will happen to me or people i care about. If id lock us all up in a room and swallow the key? I most certainly would. lol

2. Your guilty pleasure(s)?
My number one guilty pleasure is watching Korean dramas. I love them and whenever i have free time, i catch up on the shows i haven't watched. My days are so busy that watching tv is a luxury. lol. I also watch the tv show Castle. I love my writer Rick Castle. lol. I love to chow down on bbq chicken wings. Lots and lots of them. I know I'm not supposed to, that why i feel guilty after eating all that delicious pleasure. lol

3. Three things you have gained from blogging?
Patience, Freedom of expression, Online friends.

4. What inspires your post?
Oh this is easy...My posts are inspired by my past life and my present life.  *wink wink*

5. Have you ever felt like giving up on blogging? how did you conquer the feeling?
Nah... i love  blogging :)

6. What do you hope to achieve this year?
Thats a very personal question and Ive left it all in Gods hands :)

7. Items you always leave home with?
My phone, my car keys, my little black purse containing my identification cards!

8. What is special about your blog?
My blog is special because its personal. Its all non fiction!  Happened/Happening to me live and

9. What can you say about my blog? Well girl(Amaka) i love that you are so open and so nice. My half Igbo  sister... you do no wrong in my eyes! lol. Keep up the good work.

10. What are three special things most people dont know about you?
 Im an early twenty something year old, that has never been kissed, a virgin and proudly so, with double d boobs! Doesn't get more special than that. lmbo!

11. What keeps you going in life?
Good health, my brothers (love them!), bbq chicken wings, my parents, my cute lil niece and nephew, my friends, and the good Lord Almighty. Amen!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Prayers for the family. Oh Lord :(

My heart literally broke. I hope to God they get rescued in time. A plane crashing into the ocean on an International flight is one of my greatest fears. I really gotta learn how to swim. Oh Lord please take control. I do not even want to imagine...

A day in the Park: 2

We walked the jogging trail in silence. The silence felt great. The weather was perfect and the lake was looking extra special to me that day. I still couldn't say anything but i held onto his elbow and felt at ease. I was wearing flats and the angle of elevation was incredibly evident. That guy is tall. Well maybe he's not that tall but considering I'm just 5'3, anyone above 5'5 is tall to me. lol.

We got to the shades with tables and we sat down on one of the benches. He broke the silence. He said, are you gonna ask me anything? I bursted out laughing. For some reason that laughter had me feeling so much at ease. I was still nervous but i was comfortable. I found out that he got into the country on the 25th of Feb. At 9pm. His cousin came to the airport and got him. I was at work that night so he didn't want to bother me. Besides he wanted to surprise me. I knew he was gonna be back that week but he didn't give me a specific day. He had to go to Tokyo for a conference and from Tokyo he came back home. He didn't spend that much time over there...he got in for the conference and got out after the conference. Did i mention he speaks fluent German, Japanese and English? I know! I know! Hes got an impressive resume. Me na only English and Igbo i sabi o! I hated French because my French teacher in Nigeria forced us to learn the language. I realised later on that i never did learn the language. I just crammed it in my brain so i could pass my exams and not get my butt whooped. After the exams, nothing was in my head. lol. My Mexican friends here teach me Spanish though. I know a few words and can make simple sentences. lol. Its really great to have someone that knows all these languages. I think its super cool :)

Speaking of having someone... lol. We made small talk for a lil then he got straight to the point. He told me he got me something. As a "confarmed" Igbo girl i perked up real quick. I was expecting to see bundles of pounds and dollars but he brought out this really shiny bracelet looking wrist watch. I was a lil disappointed but the watch was shiny so i was happy still. lol. Then he started with the sweet words... Awww :) Its was all so mushy so I'm not gonna moist you with all the details. lol.  My heart was beating and I felt everything he said all the way to my toes. It kinda felt like i was being proposed to though. The only thing missing was my audience and giant diamond ring. Well lets pray that will come later. Much much later. God willing o! Amen! Anyway he said all that and l held his gaze. I couldn't look away. Where my boldness came from, I know no o! But it was a really cherished moment. He asked me to be his girlfriend. His only official girl. He asked if I'd take him as my only boyfriend too. He said "will you take me and forsake all other Chukwuemekas?".  lmbo! He is so funny. I always joke about how I get hit on by random Chukwuemekas... lol. You know Emeka is a popular male Igbo name. lol. Anyway I said yes and he put on my shiny wristwatch for me. I was on Cloud 9. I know i was supposed to code my feelings but i was too happy to put a lid on anything. I hugged him tight and for the first time i heard him call me "my baby". awww... #tear. you should see my face as im typing this. Im all happy and grinning like a big clown ;D

Sha i have to say the calling me "baby" thing get as e be o! That's what my dad calls me. And my older brothers too. That's kinda been my nickname for my family since i was a kid. My mum calls me that sometimes. Ive always said that when i get a boyfriend, i will look for another pet name he can call me. I dont want to be thinking about my father when Im with him. lol. I have to say that when Dimples called me "my baby", it felt different. So different. It felt nice. And Nope! My papa no come to my mind. lol
So Leona finally has a boyfriend. Took me two decades and a lil years but it happened. It feels just right. I have no doubt in my mind. No reservation and no regrets saying yes to him. I know it's supposed to be this way... thats why i never said yes to Justin or Festus. lol. Their stories are coming. :)

So much Love,

First Beat Down Part 2

I got off the dance floor to catch my breath and pull myself together. I took a seat and sat down at the end of the living room. I badly needed water but i was too shaken to move. My "violator" was still on the dance floor though. Thank God. If he had followed me, i would have ran away from that house. lol. I learnt from secondary school In Naija and High school here to always run. I'm no Usain Bolt but i can pick race like no tomorrow. No try me o! hahaha :D

I noticed this very tall dark guy walking towards me. He wasn't that good looking facially but he was tall, really tall, and with a very nice build. He came and sat by me and said hello. God must have had a lil mercy on me  because homeboy was smelling fresh. No smoke, No alcohol... I silently thanked Baba God and smiled at him. We started making small talk and he had this really deep Island accent. It sounded really good and the guy could hold a conversation too. We were talking and laughing and i honestly didn't read too much into it. Where we were sitting was directly facing the kitchen, though the kitchen was a little in the distance. You know how oyibo kitchens are can see them from the living room. Most of them have open walls and are located right by the living room. Anyway as i was talking to this guy, whenever I'd look in the direction of the kitchen, I'd see these two girls staring daggers at me. I dismissed it though and tried not to look in their direction. Sometime later by accident i looked at their direction again and this time they weren't even coding it, they were looking at me with so much hate in their eyes. I didn't recognize them so i just opened my eyes right back at them and rolled it. As i did that i muttered something not so nice about them under my breath. I turned back to face my companion/talking buddy.

Big mistake. I should never have done the eye rolling because the girls were waiting for me to misstep. It didn't take them more than a minute and BBBAAAMM! They were in my face. Holy crap! The main girl and her side kick came over and they started raining abuses on me. They turned to the guy also and gave it to him. I was confused at first but not for long. I was called my "talking buddy's whore"...

She was like "Nigga is this the bitch you cheated on me with? Is this why you done left me after all we've been through? How dare you bring your whore to this party? and she has the guts to roll her eyes at me? Im finna kill this little heifer... Imma kill her and kill you too. Useless stinking ass nigga...". Oh she went on. And on! By now the party had gathered around us and the music had stopped. The guy was just sitting there and just shaking his head. I noticed some people trying to get her to go and cool down but she was not budging. I was just irritated and since she wasn't leaving, i tried to get up and leave. As i stood up, the main girl was turned to the guy but her friend around came and blocked me from leaving. People were telling her to leave me alone and step away. She was yelling curse words at them. I tried to push past her and leave and as i tried, the main aggressor came behind me in a swift calculated movement. She grabbed my hair hard and that action literally swung me around. I screamed! That's when the cheating boyfriend stood up and tried to get her away from me. She would not free my hair though. The guy was in between and trying to push her away from me but She kept holding on to my hair and pulling and pulling. I was there trying to free myself and tears of frustration and pain flooded my eyes. My friend whose party it was, was no where to be found. Her hubby wasnt there either. My saving grace was this girl (later got to know she was my friends cousin) that stepped in and  practically punched the girl holding my hair hostage. She immediately freed my hair and her cheating ex boyfriend carried her out admist screams. The girl that punched her took care of her friend too. lol. I think she actually beat that one down. I was too preoccupied with my pain to watch the beat down. At least my aggressor was strong...the back up side kick/her friend was a weakling just like me. hahahaha. A weakling with mouth though. Her behind got a nice ass kicking. lol

That girl( my aggressor) kept shouting and screaming outside the house. She wouldn't leave. The men didnt want to physically touch her before they'd get sent to jail. She said she wouldn't leave the premises except the ex boyfriend went with her. They kept trying to calm her and have her go so the police don't get called by the neighbours. I even heard someone saying that if the cops came to the house, they were going to take the ex boyfriend to jail because he just went to prison for assaulting her. My friend and her husband weren't there because they had left the party to go buy more beer. When she came back and heard what happened, she nearly came to blows with my aggressor. She was so sorry about the incident and kept apologizing to me the whole night. I was honestly too traumatized to drive. I stayed there till like 5am before i drove home. Do you know that the cheating ex boyfriend came back into the house to try to talk to me? Like this time really really hit on me? I couldn't even speak...i just kept thinking, is this nigga ok? lol. He really thought i was gonna put myself in a situation where I'd have a repeat performance of this drama? Na ah... My Mama didn't raise no fool.

My aggressor fights with everyone including her  ex boyfriend. That's why he left her behind after he got out of jail. I heard what happened was She hit him, and he hit her back but you know she didn't go to jail. He did though. He just got out and she wanted him back. I think they have been having some sex behind the scenes but didn't really get back together. The week of the party, he told her he didn't want to see her again because he is with someone else now. That didn't sit well with her. My friend said she didn't invite her to the party because she knew the guy was coming. She came with her friend that was invited and promised my friend she wasn't gonna get into any mischief or cause any trouble. Well she broke her promise when she attacked me. Oh my friend was ready to beat her ass. Her husband and her son and brother held her back mehn... They're all from the same Caribbean Island. I think after that night my aggressor was black listed from all of their future get

I learnt three things from that encounter. 1. Never roll your eyes at people who are staring daggers at you. You could get beat. 2. Before you engage in chummy conversation with rugged tall dark boys at a house party, look around with vigilant eyes. If some girl is staring at you with death in her eyes... run far away from said guy. 3. Learn self defense. You gotta know how to kick bitches asses. lol.

Happy 3 month blog Anniversary to me!

It's my third month blogging today! Yay! I posted my first blog post on Dec 7th! It's March 7th today and 44posts I'm so proud of myself and I'm so happy I have people who read and love my blog. I've gotten lots of positive feedback and constructive critism and I'm grateful for them all. 
Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate everyone of you! Special thanks and shout out to Naija Single girl. I read her blog and I got motivated to start mine. Thank you to Stella Dimoko Korkus. I got alot of my readers from her blog. lol. That's my fav Naija blog btw. Never a dull moment on SDK. Love my SDK fam. 
Hi to Lae, Tolu, Chi, Nsikan, Esther, Christabel, Anu,etc... Thank you for reading and commenting. All the anonymous readers too. I see you all in 5D. lol. Thank you for always reading and not commenting. *tongueout. #haha :D

This morning My friend Oluchi asked me how I was gonna celebrate. It just hit me! I'm going mark it by writing three posts today! Ive never posted more than a post a day. This is def so special to me. Watch out for them! And no...this one doesn't count. lol.

I'm really so happy about my blog. I wasn't getting any views when I started but I didn't let that bother me. I just kept writing and gisting and just like that I stated getting page views! My most read post is my Post Valentine: My first red bottoms post. The second is The book of friends according to Esther. The third is my Open letter to Don Jazzy& Dbanj.
Hopefully by the grace of God, I will keep writing from my heart for another 3 months!!! 
Thank you all so much. God bless you! Do spread the word about my blog. lol.
So much love from me to you, 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A day in the Park.

My friend Karen borrowed my shoes from me. They weren't even her size. lol. She was supposed to give them back a long time ago but she didn't. Last Wednesday(26th Feb) she called me up and asked me to meet her at the park close to my house. She said she had my shoes and she was on her way to some place but she will drive by the park and drop off the shoes for me.The park is right by the road, and my house is way way into the street/lane. I was sleepy and tired but she was impatient and persistent so i dragged myself up. I threw on some raggedly clothes and drove to the park. It was a little late in the evening and some kids were playing on the swings. Also saw some runners and dog walkers.

The park by my home has this gorgeous lake next to it. When i got there, i breathed in the fresh air and i found myself walking on the lane by the lake. The weather was beautiful and even though i was dressed like a Homeless woman, the feeling was just right. My useless friend was no where to be found by the way. I was going to call her but my pockets were empty. In my hurry i had left my phone at home! I kept walking though...good excuse to exercise.

As I was walking, I had this feeling that someone was following me. I kept turning my back and this guy that was behind me just wont pass me. After a while, it got real uncomfortable for me so when i saw a bench, i just "kukuma siddon" for the bench to allow my stalker to pass. He had on white tshirt, an open sweater and jeans. I couldnt see his face because a baseball hat (face cap) covered his face. I sat down on the bench and when i looked up, the guy was standing right in front of me. Me wa confused but before i could speak, he took off his hat.

At first it didn't register to me who was standing in front of me. I was just thinking...who be this one? He then squatted in front of me so he was at eye level with me. That's when i recognized him! Good Lord! He was in front of me and smiling! Dimples!!!!!!! I SCREAAAAMMMMEDDDD!!!!! Before the poor guy could recover from the attack on his ear drums, i jumped on him. There was no balance and together we tumbled onto the lane. We were on the hard floor, I was on top of him, screaming his name and squeezing the life out of him. He was laughing so hard. Then he was like, I totally got you! I totally got you! SUURRRPRISE!!!

We were in that position for a minute before the poor guy begged for his breath back. lol. I was carried away! I was hugging him so tightly that he couldn't breathe. hahahaha... When we got up, i was hanging onto his arm for dear life. It was like i was holding unto it for fear he might disappear if i let him go. lol. He jokingly pointed that out and i immediately let his arm go and moved away a little.
Then he said "no no no, I was joking. Please You can hold on to it for as long as you want". I was already back to reality and the shyness took over. lol. When he saw i wasn't taking his arm or hand again, He reached for mine and tucked it in his elbow. Butterflies were having a party in my insides. I was done screaming and the words weren't coming out. Suddenly my throat was all dry and i wanted to run away from him. The nerves kicked in. Then i looked at myself. My people i was dressed a mess. Did i mention i didn't even rinse my sleepy mouth before i came out? That my sweater and sweat pants i had on has seen 'better days? The main thing on my mind then was how i would kill my friend Karen. A freaking lil hint would have worked just fine ba? lol

To be continued...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cloud 9

So much has happened! aaaaaahhhhhhhh! Im so happy! Im very happy! Im grinning from ear to ear. Every time i sit down to type, i get distracted and go into wonderland. Hahahaha... my mind is compromised oooo! Snap me back to Please dear friends, forgive me. Imma be telling my stories in a little while. Stay with me!
So much love,

Saturday, February 22, 2014

First Beat Down. Part One

It was the year 2010. I was young, naive and learning about life. If you don't know it already, i was/am a late bloomer. I didn't know anything about sex and i wasn't really interested. My growing up years were just me and my book. I loved the indoors mehn... lol. You know how parents used to tell their kids to sit their butt down and don't step out of the house? It wasn't like that with me. My relatives used to beg me to go out and mingle. For some reason that never appealed to me. I loved the dark, the peace and the quiet. I was never bored though. I just hated, hated "drama". The he said, she said. The he did, she did. I despised all that drama and back talk so i just stayed away. I had only a few friends and i loved them. People i need in my life and the ones that needed me in theirs too. I look at some of my younger friends today trying so much to get the attention of people who couldn't care less about them. I'm always like, why are you torturing yourself so? You don't have to beg or impress people to like you. Just accept those who like you and live with your peace of mind. I swear people just love drama mehn...

The closest I've come to  confrontational drama was the year 2010. One of my best friends from the Islands was throwing a house party. Now she's quite the party animal but she was a good friend and adviser so i decided to go for the party. She was quite older than me. She was like 35 or so then. She had three kids and the oldest had just turned 18. Yup she started early to breed. lol. Shes still with the same man and theyre married. She was Such an amazing woman (we've lost touch).
Anyway i went to the party and the house was packed full. When i mean full, i mean full. I nearly turned back sef because, before i went into the house, i saw a bunch of guys(men) just sitting outside. They were smoking "whatever" and drinking alcohol. The music was too loud too. Imagine a teen house party on TV...OK replace the faces with older black people. lol.

I was looking real hot if i may say so myself. Ssshh, you weren't there so just accept that fact and read on. haha. Ok it was hard at first but i located my friend and some other people i knew in the sea of people. There was a ton of BBQ ribs(my favorite),fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cole slaw. Beer and soda was in abundance too. I mean it was a  happening party and most of the guests were from her Island (name withheld). lol.
I left my friends, got some food and sat down to demolish my plate. lol. My beef ribs give me life mehn... So the first guy comes up, says hi and talks for a lil, then leaves. The second guy and the third guy too. Now i wasn't giving them any window of opportunity because, my goodness they smelt like alcohol and smoke. Their breath was stanky as hell. lol. I can not stand smokers. I wont date you, I wont entertain you either. Romantic wise though. I have a bunch of friends and coworkers I like that smoke CIGARETTES. Just cigars! If you are smoking anything else, good for you... I just wont have any business with you. That simple.

I got up to dance with my friend to Mavado? abi na Movado? songs. He is a very popular Caribbean dance hall music artist. I danced my lil heart out mehn. lol. Did i forget to mention I'm a dancer? I'm not on Ciara's level o but I move pretty well. I love to dance esp to Nigerian music. My all time fav is Flavor's "Baby Oku" and J Martins "Fine Fine Love". Im also a big fan of David O and Psquare's songs/dance jams. Love them! I'm definitely not that girl that will go to a party looking all cute, but just sit down and cross my leg all through the party. Nope! I always wear clothes that will let me move freely because the dance and the food is the reason I came out. Last year at my friends graduation party, i danced so much that this man gave me $100. lol. It was the uncle of the celebrant. He was like thank you for making this party so lively. I gave the money to my friend though. I wanted to keep it o! But hey I don't need to get paid to dance and it was her party. Seriously just put on good music and I'm on the dance floor. My brothers say i no get shame at all. Its funny because i don't even chug alcohol. Its all me clean and sober. I don't want to imagine what would happen if i mix my craze with alcohol. lol.  With or without a dance partner I will dance. I don't want to brag but I be hot cake o. lol.  I always get invited to parties now because people say if I'm there, its sure gonna be a fun party. I do not dispute that at all. hehehe :D I don't go out a lot but when i do, I'm sure to have fun! You can call me the dance master. hahaha...

Now back to the party, when i was on the dance floor, this drunk troll came behind me to grind on me. I felt his "kini" all up on me and If you see the way i jumped and ran to the other side of the room ehn... Chei! Men can be perverts o!  I felt so violated... I couldn't even dance in peace anymore. After that song i just went to find a seat to cool off and steady my rapidly beating heart...

To be continued :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mushy. #haha

i made my amazing fried rice today
everyone at home loved it.
i took a plate and got my portion
i couldn't eat it though
cos i was thinking of you.
i wondered...
i just kept wondering...
have you eaten today?
if you were here and tried my fried rice
would you love it just like my family?
what did you eat today?
i wish 
i just wish 
we'd share a meal together...
that day is coming though
i cant wait for you to be back
i miss you :(

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Almost Beat Down

Today at Sonic Fast Food i ran into an old friend. Actually what happened was I was trying to back out my car and leave the place. I was in that process when i saw this white car entering the restaurant fly by behind me. Normally you're supposed to wait for the person trying to come out to finish na before you drive past them. Well this person no wait o! Thank God for brakes. I slammed on it real hard. So much that i kinda jerked. I was so mad that i sat up a lil and turned sideways to see who the stupid driver was. As the car was about to enter the drive-thru lane, i saw the driver.  I recognized her right way. It was my old friend Ann. We used to hang out when we were younger and she is the typical black American ratchet chick. Annie had the Loud ghetto voice with the bitchy attitude to match. lol

Anyway when i noticed she was the one i wasn't pissed anymore, My anger was replaced with happiness cos i haven't seen her in a long time. I changed direction and instead of going out, i reversed again and entered the drive-thru lane. I then stopped my car behind hers. I took the seat belt off and got out of my car to go say hello. When i got to her car, I knocked on her window to wind down her glass. Apparently she didn't recognize me because this girl put her window down and started cursing at me. She was all up in my face like "You bitch want you want? You wanna fight? I got you heifer, Imma beat you down". I was like wah? Omo i shock o! I then tried waving with my hand in a friendly gesture to stop her rant and calm her. That was a bad idea because in her words, she thought i was "finna" hit her. She ducked and i saw her taking off her seat belt. With her head still bent she opened the door. That's when i found my voice o and i was like, "Please dont hit me Ann... Its me, Leona. We went to cosmetology school together and used to hang out too". I then proceeded to get my huge Diana Ross looking Afro hair off my face so she could recognize me. Everyone has been telling me to remove that damned hair. lol. She did recognize me though and we started laughing. It was funny because this girl was ready to beat me up o! And the thing is she was at FAULT. Na she no obey traffic rules but as a typical black girl, they're sorry we're always right. lol

We hugged and talked for a min until another car pulled up behind me. She told me not to do what i did again though cos i could get killed. Which is kind of true. I didn't even think that maybe it could be someone that looks like her and my approach may not sit well with them. They could be the crazy and could think i was coming to fight. Na so person go pull concealed weapon and shoot me. Crazy people dey everywhere and Road rage is real! Lesson learnt. lol

I ve only been in a fight once. It happened in 2010 and no be me cause am sef. Some people are just always ready to fight. Now that i remember it, i should write about it. Next post. Promise.

Thank you for reading Leona's blog. Shes grateful! hahaha... :D

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post Valentine: My 1st Red Bottoms

This is just a 

I got my very first red bottoms today! Yay! I'm so excited and still surprised! I didn't see it coming but Hey I ain't complaining o! Thank you God. Oh this boy sure knows the way to a woman's heart.
I really wanna give him a big thank you hug but he is so far away. Since thats not possible Imma just hug my lovely  four inch  Christian Louboutin shoes tonight. AAAAAAHHHHHH! That's me screaming! I'm totally on designer levels now. Haha. You jealous? hahahaha...! Oh whomever invented high heels needs a Gold medal. They are some sexy sh*t and they just bring out the hot & spicy in you.

The card was signed by him... Asa m do walk with me. lol. Love, Dimples.

Don't ask me o! I don't think he knows about this blog. We both use the walk with me phrase all the time. And I kinda got my blog address from him. Remember that birthday party i met him? Yea? When he grabbed the car keys to give me a ride home, he said to me, "walk with me Leona". So when i was looking for a web address that sexy voice and the words came to mind. lol.

I know I left him out of my Valentine post yesterday and i haven't really blogged about him lately. Well I'm trying to keep some things sacred you know... lol. I'm trying not to over share. Do you still want to know? Oh OK OK stop giving me that look. I will totally tell you if you insist! hahaha! I hope i dont sound too "mushy".

Ah he is totally adorable. He calls me, text, emails, Skypes... the whole thing. He keeps in touch. He says the right things. He acts the right way. He gives great advice and he encourages and cares for me & his family and friends. Oh his smile #swoon.  His smile and his voice totally kills me and I'm so smitten. He is so smart and i love listening to his stories. He talks about Jesus and He is Saved. He is born again in Christ and he is so proud of the hand of God in his life.
Now he is not without blemish. He has a past. A very wild past. He turned his life around today because of the intervention of his cousin and best friend who lead him to the altar of God. AH! maybe I will tell the story later but without the intimate details though. Cleaning up your life is totally possible. You just gotta let go and let God. The Lord is good.

Oh so how did I get the gift? Well i never gave him my address, so he sent my package to my Friend Karen's house. Karen tricked me into stopping by her house and when i walked in, i saw a neatly wrapped box on the centre table in the living room. When i saw it i was like "oh lucky Karen...her boo musta bought that". Only for me to get handed the box and it had my name on it! I was so surprised! The excitement had me ripping up the nice red wrap and there i found my heavenly shoes. The card fell to the floor! I noticed it after i did my happy dance. He called me then and said he picked out the shoes himself (he knows my shoe size). I asked him why not diamonds? That cracked him up and he was like this Igbo girl will not kill him. Im teaching him some Igbo. Hahaha... I was kidding of course. Or was I? lol! Karen swears she gave him the idea but he denied her claim and said all the credit should be his. Like I care who gets the credit... Abeg the thing be say i hold my first Lou Bi's for hand o! Haaa. E still dey sweet me for body mehn. Cant wait to rock them :) And O they look amazing. Im too scared to go online and check how much they cost. lol. I think Im good not knowing. ;)

Oh i gave him something too. A Poem. In his email and i wrote it all by myself. Don't judge me o! I no get his German address biko. I would have sent him something. But wait o! Its not like i asked. Chai! Me bad gan :( I didn't wanna put any pressure on the Valentine Day ish... But He is coming back in 2 weeks! YAY! I will treat him then. Let the count down begin!

I gave out chocolates to some friends and I got chocolates back. My friend April gave me a card with a heart felt note written in it.  I love my April :) She also gave me $50 gift card to the restaurant Chilli's! She knows i love Chilli's! haha. Also this guy at work who is sweet on me bought me this red velvet lava cake topped with chocolate ice cream. It was so yum and Good gad, people can bake mehn. I'm still feeling so guilty. I dunno why i ate the thing...all my myself. How much weight did i gain from that? Oh gosh! #coversface. Im such a fatty pants. haha!  The guy Na correct butter fly o! He "toasts" everybody! Its my turn for Hes really funny though.  I donated to St Judes Children's Hospital today too! Cheers to a good day :) God is good!

I'm lying in bed with my shoes beside me. My shoes and I connect on a deeper level already. hahaha... Women and Ive already given it a name. Ije amaka. It means my journey with" _____" shall be a good one. Oh yes it will. God willing.
Hope y'all had a blessed Lovers day? Thank you for reading my blog. xoxo
Love, Leona

Friday, February 14, 2014

Here's to Valentine's Day! xoxo :)

Its been a whole lotta red this week. Seriously everywhere is all red with decorations and you can feel the love. I love Valentines Day! I think its totally cool that we have a special day set aside to remind us to show love. Its Just like Mothers Day...its a day worth celebrating with the ones you love. Or you can show love to a complete stranger. Hey there! haha

Now I've never had a "boo" Valentine but I've had some pretty memorable ones. Oh Let me tell you the story of one of the best i had.
When i was in boarding school in Nigeria, because it was an all girls school we had a class Val. The teachers or seniors wrote down names of everybody in the class. Then you pick a name and whoever you pick, is your class Val. Nowadays Its kinda like Secret Santa at work or school. I think this story was js3 or 9th grade. Ok so i picked this other girl and i bought her earrings. They were pretty cheap cos i wasn't about to spend my money on a girl that wasn't even my friend. lol. That week i lost my bathing sponge. I remember i kept announcing and crying in class/dorm because i no longer had a sponge to bath with. On Valentines Day I didn't even bother to go meet the girl and exchange gifts. I just gave it to her friend to pass on to her. Later that night i saw the girl walking towards me. She had this neatly wrapped box in her hand and a card on the box. She came and gave it to me. I was so surprised and shame no even gree me to open the box. It was so beautiful complete with the bow and all. I finally opened it and what do i see? A sponge! A very beautiful red bath sponge. I nearly cried. I couldnt even look her in the face cos i was really ashamed. She hugged me and said she was happy i liked it. She then told me not to cry about the sponge anymore. I was so Ashamed because this girl i barely knew went out of her way to get me the kindest, most thoughtful gift ever! Throughout that school year Omo i avoided the babe o! The shame no gree me face her. lol. We became friends much later. She's an amazing and blessed soul. Love her!

 Last year was pretty cool too. My coworker had like three big edible arrangements (fruit&chocolate arranged like flowers...see picture below) sent to her at the office from different love interests. The babe na "hot cake". lol
She gave me one of them to take home and booooyyy was it giant! I had an amazing time "cho pu lating" my thing jare. I also got individual roses from other coworkers and chocolate covered red velvet cake from my good friend. I had fun laughing and eating chocolates! It was a good day :)

This year I told my mum she was my valentine and i asked this craze woman what she wanted. Imagine her answer o! "Ah Nne that money i owe you($300) please forget about it and i will accept your love". Ahahahahaaha... See smart woman. I told her I want my money back o! She was trying to use Igbo sense on me. She come forget say Na she born me. lol. A whole $300? Me ke forget? Haaaaa... E go hard o! I may change my mind sha.  I mean my mother is pretty awesome. lol. Well we will see how it goes today!

A bunch of people on my Facebook keep updating their status and screaming blue murder on Valentine Day. Talking about today is supposed to be a day to give to the needy and not a day to exchange gifts with your loved ones. Hahaha...The thing is yes, it is true that you're supposed to help the needy today and show love to them but i can bet you a million dollars that most of these people screaming give to the needy have NEVER given to the less privileged before. Trynna sound all righteous but end up coming off as bitter. Valentines Day doesn't have to be celebrated only if you're coupled up. Its also about family time and togetherness and sharing and showing love to friends and neighbors. You could surprise an old friend with a call today? Anything goes. Put a smile on some one's face instead of sitting down all bitter at the world. Smile and make merry. God's gat you :)

I love Love. Little wonder why I've never actually being in love. lol. You know words of the mouth are powerful. I remember in high school when everybody was all boo'ed up. I wasn't  really interested in that. I always said to my friends that i wanted the very first guy i date/court end to be the only one. I wanted him to be the one i end up calling my husband. I want to be able to say on my wedding day that I married my first boyfriend, my best friend and my first love. Frogs are not my portion. Never really cared for y'all know by now, i hate Animals. I will wait for my Prince. lol. I totally said that and Its like its going to be true. hahaha. Surulere o! God willing.
Happy Valentines day to you all. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading and please comment!  I love you guys :) E-hug

Special shout out to my auntie of life...Aunt Ije thank you for being a second mother to me. Thank you for loving and caring for me like your own Daughter. Yea Adaobi I'm totally a daughter #tongueout. Thank you to my BFF of life Christabel. You're an amazing girl and I'm so blessed to have you in my life. I love you girl. To my guys rock!
So much love to show to a lot of people today. My car is packed full with chocolates. hahaha! i hope i don't finish it before it gets to the intended owners o! Lmbo!

I want diamonds! but "boohoo" who go wan dash me that one na? #tears. Let me just find seat and collect my Hershey's chocolate and cards? and say thank you. lol
Do enjoy Today!

With Love,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dog Tales: Episode 2

My neighbours breed dogs! I have come to that conclusion. lol. I think it should be a law that you cant have more than one dog. Ah Kilode? I swear the couple that live in the house to the right beside us have like 10 dogs. And, No its not the lil fairly cute ones but them big scary looking "wolves". For Gods sake i cant jog outside in the streets in peace. We pay money to live in this quiet neighborhood but no i cant enjoy it because any time i step outside there is a wolf laying in wait, ready to charge at me. Ehn, i know I'm exaggerating but you should hear what this couple tells me... Talking about they don't bite and ish...Who are you telling that one? I see your animal eyeing me like juicy bone and you are telling me to come closer it doesn't bite. Afo dikwa unu na'ime(may their stomach turn) lol. Aaaah I'm vexed and Im ranting. I know. I know... but i cant help it. I really would love to jog around so i can get my body summer ready but them loud <insert female dog name here> wont give me that peace. #rme

Ive always been scared of dogs. In fact most Animals on fours i think. Cat, dog, horse, pig, anything domestic, I'm scared shit less of them. Dogs petrify me. Like as soon as i see them, i just change direction. I remember i had a very good Friend back in Nigeria and they had a dog. I heard the dog was sweet and all but i never went to her house because  of that animal. She lived just five minutes away and we were so close. She was always the one coming to see me in my home and even though i felt bad, i knew there was no way i was ever going to her house.I just couldn't. The day before i was supposed to travel to America, i was forced to go to the house and tell her i was leaving for a while. I stood three houses away and sent my lil brother to go to her house and tell her to come out so i can talk to her. lol. It was that bad. Hi Ng :)

I had this aunt that lived in Lagos. I think it was Ketu and i was just 13 then.  I went to visit her in her house for the first time. She came and picked me up from another aunts house and together we went to her place. Nice big house o and I was like oh yea, Im going to see Auntie's house for the first time. I was so excited. She had three boys and i was older than all of them but i was looking forward to seeing them that day. The driver dropped my aunt and i at her house and as soon as i stepped down from the car, nothing prepared me for what i saw. Omo they had three black dogs and they were walking towards us...I turned and started screaming. I remember i was yelling in Igbo "Lekwa nu Nkita o! A wulam taa o". Meaning "See big dogs, I'm a dead girl today". lol. As I was screaming i was banging on the door of the car for the driver to open the door so i can get back in. I was crying and yes i think i wet my pants. My uncle, his friends that came to visit, my aunt, my cousins, the gateman, driver, house help... Ooo i had a very big audience and i was putting on a good show for them. Everyone except my aunt was on the floor laughing and practically crying. The gate man had stopped the dogs from reaching me but the driver was too busy laughing to open the door for me to get back in. My aunt then came around to me...she was holding me while i was crying and trying to calm me down. I cant ever forget that day. hahaha... I refused to sleep in that house o! Lai lai! They called my mother and all and i still wouldn't leave the side of the car even when the dogs were no where in sight. That night they drove me from Ketu all the way to Satellite Town in Lagos... Kai! I sabi give trouble o!

A lot My friends and coworkers here have dogs.  You will not see me in their house. Its that simple. Even cat i no dey Ive tried to "man up" and see if i can stand them but my heart just starts racing and my whole body starts shaking. I cant do dogs or cats or any 4legged creatures mehn. lol. I had a pet fish. It died. My niece wants me to get her a turtle. In year 2030. hahaha.
My friend Cindy is still mad i didn't make it to her house party for her birthday. Umunnam i just wanted to ask her, Nnem with nkita ahu no na ulo gi? Mba nu. I just told her i was sick though. lol. Gave her a gift card for her troubles...haha That settled it :)

On another note i need a massage. Ah married people are so lucky. Free massages for a life I still gotta pay for mine. Sometimes i have my little niece walk all over my back. Cheap technique but it works. lol. I buy her ice cream for taking care of me. My lil angel.  Gotta go to sleep now. Since i cant jog because i live in the dog zone. haha. Bye guys :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rough Couple of weeks

Its been rough for me this past couple of weeks. A bunch of readers asked me whats going on. Thank you for caring. I'm new to this but now i know as a blogger you cant abandon your blog for days on end. lol. I'm not Linda Ikeji with a million loyal readers you know. I gats to keep my readers interested else they waka away. hahaha

We got robbed. Yup! Robbed! My mama and I. OK there were no guns involved...Thank God for that but my car got broken into. It was parked outside in a different neighborhood from where we live. They made away with a whole bunch of stuff and boy were they a lil sneaky. They left the purse but took everything in the wallet. lol. So we were like "o they didnt take anything...Maybe its the wind that broke our windows". Thats me and my mum having faith in humanity. By the time the cops came, that's when we knew some valuables in the car was gone. We didn't make it to the bank in time. The thieves hit there first and withdrew a whole lot of money from our account. I felt like i was in a dream. My mum broke down and i had to be strong for her and try to fix what was going on. It was a mess mehn... I just couldn't understand why someone would think it was ok to withdraw someone Else's hard earned money. What? Damn! I have no respect or soft spot for thieves. I'm not one and i do not associate with any of them... Bunch of scheming spineless lazy humans. Oh their day of reckoning is coming. #pissed :(

They had the cheque book and the identification cards. That's how they were able to withdraw so much. Oooo don't get me started on the bank staff. Talkmbout they need to really investigate and make sure its a fraud and not a cooked up scheme by us. Haaaaa i wanted to slap the woman talking... Like bitch why would i break 2 windows in my car and call the cops? You really think i have that kind of time? lol. But i don't blame her, i guess people do try to defraud banks and ish by claiming theft. Not me though...I just want them to give us our money back o! They are still working on it.

We have also been running around trying to get new id's and report to the Federal Trade Commission and credit Unions and ish... Phew! Its not been easy. A bunch of times i ve tried to sit down and blog but nothing flows out. I end up closing my laptop and just engaging my  mind in a conversation. hahaha...
Also i got into a lil trouble at work. I forgot to do some paper work and I got reprimanded by my supervisor. Then that same day i got the cost estimate to fix my car... Omo I cried out of
 I drove it like that for three days just to rebel against the thieves but the cold weather had me running on the fourth day to the glass/window fixing people. I cried again while giving them the money. hahaha...I hate parting with my money. Esp when its for "unforeseen circumstances". I'm a planner and when things don't go as planned, i get overwhelmed and irritated. My big siblings gave me a solution to that problem though...He was like always have plan A,B, C,D... Never trust the first alphabet alone. lol. Sure got that right! Anyway things are a lil settled and better now. Hopefully in Jesus Name it stays that way. Fingers crossed.
In Wendy Williams voice... and how you guys doin? Hope y'all are well. Thank you for reading my blog. Love, Leona :)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My lil brother's day! O happy Birthday :)

Its my lil brother's birthday today! yay! I cant believe he is so grown now... A gentle man and a very smart one at that! Seriously My lil bro is so book smart. When we were younger i used to envy his brain. This lil kid will stay up all night playing video games and next day get 97% in his exams. I will be the serious one "jacking" my books and still end up with a miserable B. Imagine what I'd get if i didn't study? Hahahaha... *cringes

I love my lil bro. Hes the last boy so he was born favored in so many ways mehn... This boy got plenty of gifts from everyone and he was spoilt rotten. When he was a lil boy he was so chubby because anything he wanted to eat...he got. Mr Biggs o, Crunchies o, suya o, every every that fatty bom bom will chop it all. I'd always be behind him begging for some crumbs and woe betide me if i had beat him that day. Na only the smell of the Mr Biggs i go see enter my stomach. lol. Oh my mother spoilt him rotten. And she always called him Obim... His name is Chi ma obim. Thats Igbo and it means God knows my heart... He is my mothers heart.

You see my mother nearly lost him when he was a new born baby. I heard he was sick for a real long time and my mother never left his side. She took care of him everyday in the hospital and prayed feverishly to God to answer her prayers and save her son. The Almighty God sure did and that's how his name came about. Chimaobim-God knows my heart. We all call him Obi or Obim for short. Though he has a ton of nicknames... my personal favorite is M&M. M&M in his case stood for Mischief Maker.

Let me tell you some stories about our mischief maker. Obim was one word when we were younger- mischievous. You know those people that play tricks on you every time? Those friends that when you are with them, you watch your back cos you don't know what prank they have planned? The ones that will play paranormal activities on you and you will know you ain't shooting no movie? Yea? Yup! that's Obim! He is so crazy. This boy will put stones in your shoe, he will pour extra pepper in the food so you will eat with a gallon of water and he will sit and watch as tears pour down your face whilst laughing his lil behind off. Obim will put body lotion in between two sliced bread and give it to you just to have the satisfaction of watching the horrible look on your face as you spit the bread out. Hahahaha... That boy always has a trick up his sleeves. He shared a bed with my immediate older brother and when he'd wet the bed, he will wake up at night, change his clothes and then roll my other brother over to his side. That one will wake up confused and wondering why he was all wet. Rotflmao! #tears

Oh The meanest trick he played on me was when i beat him up for something. I cant remember what for but this boy took peeled Cassava and yams then he  rubbed it all over the inside of my jean skirt.  I was supposed to wear that skirt to a birthday party later in the day. Now you all know unwashed Cassava itches when its in contact with the body... Well i wore my skirt to my friends birthday gathering in her house and i was a crying itchy mess. All over my thighs i had rashes and i was itching my life away in the presence of all my friends. Shame no even gree catch me then because i was too miserable to be ashamed and besides everyone felt sorry for me. My friends mum had to tell me to pull my clothes and they emptied a can of dusting powder on me. Imagine with all the heat, red itchy rashes on my thighs and lower stomach then dusting powder on top all that. That stung me mehn... It was so painful. My friends had to also fan me with hand fan to reduce the sting because their ceiling fan was not cutting it. I remember it all so well... It was a horrible day. lol. The next day my cousin staying with us told me my brother rubbed cassava all over the clothes i was wearing that day. I reported him to my mum but when we looked for him to come and collect his ass whipping, this boy disappeared and only appeared dinner time after the dust had settled. I later learnt he was hiding in the drawer. lol. It was a huge drawer in my mothers room. Little wimp.

Hahahaha... ok I guess i will tell some more Obim stories in later posts. He is a case. Hes more matured now he is a University student and legal... He is still a joker and now i look forward to hearing his latest one. I love him and i know God made him my blood cos He knew i needed a human comic relief. My personal Happy Birthday baby... Here is to many more years and many many blessings and God's guidance and protection on you This day and forever. Amen :)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Glorious Ruins

We finally did it! We Skyped! Hahahaha...  See "badt" people. Una see "did it",  your mind land for gutter. Abeg! abeg o. I am filled with the Holy Spirit... an Anointed daughter of God.  Na step my step holy thingz we dey biko. lmbo!

He was looking so beautiful. I heard that word is totally unisex now, so i can use it to describe I was looking beautiful too *flips hair** haha. I loved looking at him and as we were talking, i found myself wishing he was right by me, and not on my screen and thousands of miles away. :( It was all awkward at first cos we were just sitting there and staring "hearts" at each other with heart racing, palms all sweaty and stomach turning(last one is all me)...buahahahahaha. Nsogbu dikwa. I don gone o my people! I like him. I really really like him. But i haven't said the words though. He is more vocal about his feelings. Make i just put a lid on mine first and do the shakara small even though I'm on cloud 9. Pinch me. lol

We talked about music. Normally for me i listen to whatever sounds good and has clean lyrics. No i do not listen to vulgar rap artists or musicians that sing dirty and swear. I dont have enough time or patience. For instance this new Beyonce's album ...i couldn't listen to it. It was all wrong. I think XO is the only song I was able to stand till the end. The rest i didn't play past 10secs. Please if you are among the Beyhive, don't come for me abeg. Im not saying i don't like her music, its just this new album is very raw/mediocre and i thank God she released it without promo...

Back to the matter, Dimples played me this amazing song. Do y'all know Hillsong United? Its an amazing Christian band. Wait i think they also have this big church in New York City. My friend goes there and she is always gushing about how awesome the church is. There is this song called "Glorious Ruins", and my o my.... that song sends me to heaven mehn. Its been on replay since Dimples played it for me. His play list has a lot of Christian bands. He also played me music from This amazing band "Jesus Culture".

The whole album is titled Glorious Ruins by Hillsong Live. Its on Spotify and you can listen to it for free. If you haven't heard it before, abeg go find am and listen to it. YouTube has the whole album too. You will be blessed. Below is the Song "Glorious Ruins"... please listen! The lyrics are onscreen :)

A man that believes in God. A man that loves God and worships God more than everything. I prayed for that...