Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Dimples

Oga Dimples added a year to his life in May. I remember I had asked for gift ideas on here. Thanks guys for helping out. Well, something happened in my family around that time so the money I was supposed to spend on his gift was spent on my family matter. Family first shey? lol. Anyway money for hand come short well well and I had to come up with something fast. Wait first let me start from the beginning.

My initial plan when I still hold money was to treat him to dinner at this expensive Indian restaurant in downtown. My friend told me about some Italian ball room dancers performing that night somewhere close to the restaurant. I was gonna get us tickets to see the show after the dinner. Then when the show ended, we would stop by this nice Ice cream place I love(Marble Slab) and enjoy some sweet treats. 

I pictured us doing the "sweet talk thing" and just having a Lil down time sitting by the beautiful water fountain next to the ice cream shop to further enjoy each others company. At the end of the night(whatever time that was), I drop him to his house and give him his gift. I also wanted that night, during the goodbye, to be the first time we kissed on the lips. Hahaha! We still never kiss (as at then sha). We are children of God nu. Na slowly slowly we dey do am. lol

So the gift i had in mind to buy then, was gonna be some really nice Italian shoes. Them shoes cost ooo! Almost a nine hundred dollars something. lol. Unbelievable shey? My dears, when love carry you, you will want to empty your pockets and your heart just to make sure your other half is taken care of. And oh, I was gonna be the driver for the night. lol. That was gonna be special because I've never driven him. He's always the one driving us everywhere. Not that I'm complaining. Abeg I like to throwaway leg and relax as person dey drive me around. Na princess wey I be na. *patsweave. Haha! 

See all my fine plans! But money said no! Hahaha. When I finished taking care of family business and paying the bills for the month, I barely had $200 left from my spend money. I have money in savings account o but there's no way I was gonna dip into my "mad money" for man. I never like am reach like that... Igbo girl no fit change o! Una free me. lol

Things with Dimples was all well and good. The guy is plenty amazing. Anyway sha, I just dey on my own one day like that thinking about what i could do for him with the $200 i had left. Na him i come get this phone call. See how conversation went o! 

Me: hello
Lady: hello, is this Leona? 
Me: yes this is she. How may I help you? 
Lady: hi honey, I'm Sweet Momma. I am Dimples mother.
Me: (panicked) What? You are who now? 
Lady: (laughing)  I'm Sweet Momma. You're dating my son, Dimples.
Me: Holy Ghost Fire! (i really said What? 

At then a million thoughts was running through my head. The call made me dizzy.
My hands were so shaky and my heart was pounding so fast. I wasn't thinking straight and by mistake(or maybe my fingers knew what they were doing), I cut the call and dropped my phone on the floor. Lmbo. My phone screen cracked. I was a total mess. I was like, "HUH? What the heck just happened?"