Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Almost Beat Down

Today at Sonic Fast Food i ran into an old friend. Actually what happened was I was trying to back out my car and leave the place. I was in that process when i saw this white car entering the restaurant fly by behind me. Normally you're supposed to wait for the person trying to come out to finish na before you drive past them. Well this person no wait o! Thank God for brakes. I slammed on it real hard. So much that i kinda jerked. I was so mad that i sat up a lil and turned sideways to see who the stupid driver was. As the car was about to enter the drive-thru lane, i saw the driver.  I recognized her right way. It was my old friend Ann. We used to hang out when we were younger and she is the typical black American ratchet chick. Annie had the Loud ghetto voice with the bitchy attitude to match. lol

Anyway when i noticed she was the one i wasn't pissed anymore, My anger was replaced with happiness cos i haven't seen her in a long time. I changed direction and instead of going out, i reversed again and entered the drive-thru lane. I then stopped my car behind hers. I took the seat belt off and got out of my car to go say hello. When i got to her car, I knocked on her window to wind down her glass. Apparently she didn't recognize me because this girl put her window down and started cursing at me. She was all up in my face like "You bitch want you want? You wanna fight? I got you heifer, Imma beat you down". I was like wah? Omo i shock o! I then tried waving with my hand in a friendly gesture to stop her rant and calm her. That was a bad idea because in her words, she thought i was "finna" hit her. She ducked and i saw her taking off her seat belt. With her head still bent she opened the door. That's when i found my voice o and i was like, "Please dont hit me Ann... Its me, Leona. We went to cosmetology school together and used to hang out too". I then proceeded to get my huge Diana Ross looking Afro hair off my face so she could recognize me. Everyone has been telling me to remove that damned hair. lol. She did recognize me though and we started laughing. It was funny because this girl was ready to beat me up o! And the thing is she was at FAULT. Na she no obey traffic rules but as a typical black girl, they're sorry we're always right. lol

We hugged and talked for a min until another car pulled up behind me. She told me not to do what i did again though cos i could get killed. Which is kind of true. I didn't even think that maybe it could be someone that looks like her and my approach may not sit well with them. They could be the crazy and could think i was coming to fight. Na so person go pull concealed weapon and shoot me. Crazy people dey everywhere and Road rage is real! Lesson learnt. lol

I ve only been in a fight once. It happened in 2010 and no be me cause am sef. Some people are just always ready to fight. Now that i remember it, i should write about it. Next post. Promise.

Thank you for reading Leona's blog. Shes grateful! hahaha... :D