Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Ex Factor

So i met Dimples most recent ex last night. Dimples and his friends had a Lil get together at his cousin's place. I was all up in there looking fresh and smoking as heck! lol. But yea though :) Y'all know i hate going out but this was for someone special to me so i had to put in effort. And i did good! Ehn i know you want proof... I'm not uploading any picture so take my word for it! #tongueout :)

It was actually a nice gathering. It wasn't full of rowdy guys and girls. It was filled with well educated, good looking, fresh young people. I was impressed. Then again my "Oga" is on PHD level thingz so na "bigs" people he suppose know.  Na so na. Ndi education. hahaha... The atmosphere was welcoming, the friends were great to me and the gathering was catered by Red Lobster. My fave restaurant! Of course i chop food plenty na. E fukwa(See) free food ;)

Her legs. Oh good Lord... that babe had legs for days mehn. Mile high and off the ground legs! Tape measurer go finish, if you're trying to measure her legs. She knew that was her best feature because sister mi was dressed to kill everyone. She had on this skimpy leather  short shorts and her hair looked like it was ready to be used in a Hair advert. Omo the babe fine die! It was hard not to notice her because she was like a social butterfly. From one person to the other. Laughing and smiling! Damn i wanted to be her for a min.

I was standing and talking to Dimples and Karen. She made it over to us. I wanted to do my fan girl spaz and ask her about her hair right away. God was on my side. Thank God i didn't o Because the pretty girl at the party i was admiring, happened to be the crazy ex of my boyfriend! hahahahaha... My goodness... i did not see that coming at all.

Looks can be deceiving o! In my mind i was thinking... "Chei so this na the emotionally unstable babe i don hear about ehn? See as she look like normal human being. Haaaaa... Na wa o!". Dimples and the babe broke up in 2011. Dimples never went into detail with me about what happened though. I didn't ask either. Karen was the one that gave me the load down. She and the cousin gisted me all that happened with her. If i start this gist, this post will be long for days!!!!!! lol. I can tell you though that she broke up with him, then went around tarnishing his name, then came back almost everyday for a year begging for another chance. She went to his office, his mother, his friends, etc... The girl was relentless! One time she gave him 100 phone calls in a day and over 50 emails proclaiming her undying love! In a day o! Dimples ran to church to pray her out of his life. lol. There was a period they reconciled but he refused to sleep with her. She then carried a rumor that he had turned gay. ROTFLMAO!!! This babe do pass every ex i don hear about. lol

She knew my name plus what i did for a living sef. I was like, "haaa this sister don do her investigation on me proper. Oh good Jesus help me o! Baba Lord you sabi say i know fit fight for man.... If the girl is looking to make a come back in his life, i go just leave the two of them. I no get strength for plenty drama sha". lol. I was just thinking...

She stood and talked with us for a long time. I was uncomfortable and i could sense Dimples was too. She just wouldn't leave. She kept talking and moving around with us. I was being nice and patient but i really wanted to tell her to shut up and leave na abeg. Our saving grace was Karen that text messaged her boyfriend to come and rescue us from her . When we finally got away from her, Dimples couldn't even look me in the eye. Home boy was  so embarrassed. I badly wanted to harass and taunt him and laugh my head off. But i just maintained sha. Time to make fun of him will come later. No use kicking a man when hes down... My poor baby :)
But chai the Ex is hot o! Fine gorgeous babe. I no go lie.  But After that interaction with her though, I'm good being me. Legs close to the ground and all. Me is fabulous ;) #flipsweaveandwalksawayheadheldhigh. lol