Saturday, February 22, 2014

First Beat Down. Part One

It was the year 2010. I was young, naive and learning about life. If you don't know it already, i was/am a late bloomer. I didn't know anything about sex and i wasn't really interested. My growing up years were just me and my book. I loved the indoors mehn... lol. You know how parents used to tell their kids to sit their butt down and don't step out of the house? It wasn't like that with me. My relatives used to beg me to go out and mingle. For some reason that never appealed to me. I loved the dark, the peace and the quiet. I was never bored though. I just hated, hated "drama". The he said, she said. The he did, she did. I despised all that drama and back talk so i just stayed away. I had only a few friends and i loved them. People i need in my life and the ones that needed me in theirs too. I look at some of my younger friends today trying so much to get the attention of people who couldn't care less about them. I'm always like, why are you torturing yourself so? You don't have to beg or impress people to like you. Just accept those who like you and live with your peace of mind. I swear people just love drama mehn...

The closest I've come to  confrontational drama was the year 2010. One of my best friends from the Islands was throwing a house party. Now she's quite the party animal but she was a good friend and adviser so i decided to go for the party. She was quite older than me. She was like 35 or so then. She had three kids and the oldest had just turned 18. Yup she started early to breed. lol. Shes still with the same man and theyre married. She was Such an amazing woman (we've lost touch).
Anyway i went to the party and the house was packed full. When i mean full, i mean full. I nearly turned back sef because, before i went into the house, i saw a bunch of guys(men) just sitting outside. They were smoking "whatever" and drinking alcohol. The music was too loud too. Imagine a teen house party on TV...OK replace the faces with older black people. lol.

I was looking real hot if i may say so myself. Ssshh, you weren't there so just accept that fact and read on. haha. Ok it was hard at first but i located my friend and some other people i knew in the sea of people. There was a ton of BBQ ribs(my favorite),fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cole slaw. Beer and soda was in abundance too. I mean it was a  happening party and most of the guests were from her Island (name withheld). lol.
I left my friends, got some food and sat down to demolish my plate. lol. My beef ribs give me life mehn... So the first guy comes up, says hi and talks for a lil, then leaves. The second guy and the third guy too. Now i wasn't giving them any window of opportunity because, my goodness they smelt like alcohol and smoke. Their breath was stanky as hell. lol. I can not stand smokers. I wont date you, I wont entertain you either. Romantic wise though. I have a bunch of friends and coworkers I like that smoke CIGARETTES. Just cigars! If you are smoking anything else, good for you... I just wont have any business with you. That simple.

I got up to dance with my friend to Mavado? abi na Movado? songs. He is a very popular Caribbean dance hall music artist. I danced my lil heart out mehn. lol. Did i forget to mention I'm a dancer? I'm not on Ciara's level o but I move pretty well. I love to dance esp to Nigerian music. My all time fav is Flavor's "Baby Oku" and J Martins "Fine Fine Love". Im also a big fan of David O and Psquare's songs/dance jams. Love them! I'm definitely not that girl that will go to a party looking all cute, but just sit down and cross my leg all through the party. Nope! I always wear clothes that will let me move freely because the dance and the food is the reason I came out. Last year at my friends graduation party, i danced so much that this man gave me $100. lol. It was the uncle of the celebrant. He was like thank you for making this party so lively. I gave the money to my friend though. I wanted to keep it o! But hey I don't need to get paid to dance and it was her party. Seriously just put on good music and I'm on the dance floor. My brothers say i no get shame at all. Its funny because i don't even chug alcohol. Its all me clean and sober. I don't want to imagine what would happen if i mix my craze with alcohol. lol.  With or without a dance partner I will dance. I don't want to brag but I be hot cake o. lol.  I always get invited to parties now because people say if I'm there, its sure gonna be a fun party. I do not dispute that at all. hehehe :D I don't go out a lot but when i do, I'm sure to have fun! You can call me the dance master. hahaha...

Now back to the party, when i was on the dance floor, this drunk troll came behind me to grind on me. I felt his "kini" all up on me and If you see the way i jumped and ran to the other side of the room ehn... Chei! Men can be perverts o!  I felt so violated... I couldn't even dance in peace anymore. After that song i just went to find a seat to cool off and steady my rapidly beating heart...

To be continued :)