Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rough Couple of weeks

Its been rough for me this past couple of weeks. A bunch of readers asked me whats going on. Thank you for caring. I'm new to this but now i know as a blogger you cant abandon your blog for days on end. lol. I'm not Linda Ikeji with a million loyal readers you know. I gats to keep my readers interested else they waka away. hahaha

We got robbed. Yup! Robbed! My mama and I. OK there were no guns involved...Thank God for that but my car got broken into. It was parked outside in a different neighborhood from where we live. They made away with a whole bunch of stuff and boy were they a lil sneaky. They left the purse but took everything in the wallet. lol. So we were like "o they didnt take anything...Maybe its the wind that broke our windows". Thats me and my mum having faith in humanity. By the time the cops came, that's when we knew some valuables in the car was gone. We didn't make it to the bank in time. The thieves hit there first and withdrew a whole lot of money from our account. I felt like i was in a dream. My mum broke down and i had to be strong for her and try to fix what was going on. It was a mess mehn... I just couldn't understand why someone would think it was ok to withdraw someone Else's hard earned money. What? Damn! I have no respect or soft spot for thieves. I'm not one and i do not associate with any of them... Bunch of scheming spineless lazy humans. Oh their day of reckoning is coming. #pissed :(

They had the cheque book and the identification cards. That's how they were able to withdraw so much. Oooo don't get me started on the bank staff. Talkmbout they need to really investigate and make sure its a fraud and not a cooked up scheme by us. Haaaaa i wanted to slap the woman talking... Like bitch why would i break 2 windows in my car and call the cops? You really think i have that kind of time? lol. But i don't blame her, i guess people do try to defraud banks and ish by claiming theft. Not me though...I just want them to give us our money back o! They are still working on it.

We have also been running around trying to get new id's and report to the Federal Trade Commission and credit Unions and ish... Phew! Its not been easy. A bunch of times i ve tried to sit down and blog but nothing flows out. I end up closing my laptop and just engaging my  mind in a conversation. hahaha...
Also i got into a lil trouble at work. I forgot to do some paper work and I got reprimanded by my supervisor. Then that same day i got the cost estimate to fix my car... Omo I cried out of frustration.lol.
 I drove it like that for three days just to rebel against the thieves but the cold weather had me running on the fourth day to the glass/window fixing people. I cried again while giving them the money. hahaha...I hate parting with my money. Esp when its for "unforeseen circumstances". I'm a planner and when things don't go as planned, i get overwhelmed and irritated. My big siblings gave me a solution to that problem though...He was like always have plan A,B, C,D... Never trust the first alphabet alone. lol. Sure got that right! Anyway things are a lil settled and better now. Hopefully in Jesus Name it stays that way. Fingers crossed.
In Wendy Williams voice... and how you guys doin? Hope y'all are well. Thank you for reading my blog. Love, Leona :)