Saturday, February 15, 2014

Post Valentine: My 1st Red Bottoms

This is just a 

I got my very first red bottoms today! Yay! I'm so excited and still surprised! I didn't see it coming but Hey I ain't complaining o! Thank you God. Oh this boy sure knows the way to a woman's heart.
I really wanna give him a big thank you hug but he is so far away. Since thats not possible Imma just hug my lovely  four inch  Christian Louboutin shoes tonight. AAAAAAHHHHHH! That's me screaming! I'm totally on designer levels now. Haha. You jealous? hahahaha...! Oh whomever invented high heels needs a Gold medal. They are some sexy sh*t and they just bring out the hot & spicy in you.

The card was signed by him... Asa m do walk with me. lol. Love, Dimples.

Don't ask me o! I don't think he knows about this blog. We both use the walk with me phrase all the time. And I kinda got my blog address from him. Remember that birthday party i met him? Yea? When he grabbed the car keys to give me a ride home, he said to me, "walk with me Leona". So when i was looking for a web address that sexy voice and the words came to mind. lol.

I know I left him out of my Valentine post yesterday and i haven't really blogged about him lately. Well I'm trying to keep some things sacred you know... lol. I'm trying not to over share. Do you still want to know? Oh OK OK stop giving me that look. I will totally tell you if you insist! hahaha! I hope i dont sound too "mushy".

Ah he is totally adorable. He calls me, text, emails, Skypes... the whole thing. He keeps in touch. He says the right things. He acts the right way. He gives great advice and he encourages and cares for me & his family and friends. Oh his smile #swoon.  His smile and his voice totally kills me and I'm so smitten. He is so smart and i love listening to his stories. He talks about Jesus and He is Saved. He is born again in Christ and he is so proud of the hand of God in his life.
Now he is not without blemish. He has a past. A very wild past. He turned his life around today because of the intervention of his cousin and best friend who lead him to the altar of God. AH! maybe I will tell the story later but without the intimate details though. Cleaning up your life is totally possible. You just gotta let go and let God. The Lord is good.

Oh so how did I get the gift? Well i never gave him my address, so he sent my package to my Friend Karen's house. Karen tricked me into stopping by her house and when i walked in, i saw a neatly wrapped box on the centre table in the living room. When i saw it i was like "oh lucky Karen...her boo musta bought that". Only for me to get handed the box and it had my name on it! I was so surprised! The excitement had me ripping up the nice red wrap and there i found my heavenly shoes. The card fell to the floor! I noticed it after i did my happy dance. He called me then and said he picked out the shoes himself (he knows my shoe size). I asked him why not diamonds? That cracked him up and he was like this Igbo girl will not kill him. Im teaching him some Igbo. Hahaha... I was kidding of course. Or was I? lol! Karen swears she gave him the idea but he denied her claim and said all the credit should be his. Like I care who gets the credit... Abeg the thing be say i hold my first Lou Bi's for hand o! Haaa. E still dey sweet me for body mehn. Cant wait to rock them :) And O they look amazing. Im too scared to go online and check how much they cost. lol. I think Im good not knowing. ;)

Oh i gave him something too. A Poem. In his email and i wrote it all by myself. Don't judge me o! I no get his German address biko. I would have sent him something. But wait o! Its not like i asked. Chai! Me bad gan :( I didn't wanna put any pressure on the Valentine Day ish... But He is coming back in 2 weeks! YAY! I will treat him then. Let the count down begin!

I gave out chocolates to some friends and I got chocolates back. My friend April gave me a card with a heart felt note written in it.  I love my April :) She also gave me $50 gift card to the restaurant Chilli's! She knows i love Chilli's! haha. Also this guy at work who is sweet on me bought me this red velvet lava cake topped with chocolate ice cream. It was so yum and Good gad, people can bake mehn. I'm still feeling so guilty. I dunno why i ate the thing...all my myself. How much weight did i gain from that? Oh gosh! #coversface. Im such a fatty pants. haha!  The guy Na correct butter fly o! He "toasts" everybody! Its my turn for Hes really funny though.  I donated to St Judes Children's Hospital today too! Cheers to a good day :) God is good!

I'm lying in bed with my shoes beside me. My shoes and I connect on a deeper level already. hahaha... Women and Ive already given it a name. Ije amaka. It means my journey with" _____" shall be a good one. Oh yes it will. God willing.
Hope y'all had a blessed Lovers day? Thank you for reading my blog. xoxo
Love, Leona