Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Blog Award

So last week i got my first blog award! Abi is it nomination? lol. Whichever one it is, its still so cool. Yay! I'm so excited. Thank you! Ms Amaka nominated me and its called the LIEBSTER Award. If you no fit pronounce am, its because it is of German origin. lol. Its kinda like a chain get it, accept it and then forward(nominate) to other bloggers.

Now time to answer the questions Ms Amaka ( asked me!

1. What is/are your worse fear(s)?
That I'd get eaten by a dog. lol. I'm so scared of losing my parents before they'd get  to reap the fruits of their labor. I pray everyday God protects them for me. My friends think im a scaredy I sabi fear o! But I'm mostly scared that something will happen to me or people i care about. If id lock us all up in a room and swallow the key? I most certainly would. lol

2. Your guilty pleasure(s)?
My number one guilty pleasure is watching Korean dramas. I love them and whenever i have free time, i catch up on the shows i haven't watched. My days are so busy that watching tv is a luxury. lol. I also watch the tv show Castle. I love my writer Rick Castle. lol. I love to chow down on bbq chicken wings. Lots and lots of them. I know I'm not supposed to, that why i feel guilty after eating all that delicious pleasure. lol

3. Three things you have gained from blogging?
Patience, Freedom of expression, Online friends.

4. What inspires your post?
Oh this is easy...My posts are inspired by my past life and my present life.  *wink wink*

5. Have you ever felt like giving up on blogging? how did you conquer the feeling?
Nah... i love  blogging :)

6. What do you hope to achieve this year?
Thats a very personal question and Ive left it all in Gods hands :)

7. Items you always leave home with?
My phone, my car keys, my little black purse containing my identification cards!

8. What is special about your blog?
My blog is special because its personal. Its all non fiction!  Happened/Happening to me live and

9. What can you say about my blog? Well girl(Amaka) i love that you are so open and so nice. My half Igbo  sister... you do no wrong in my eyes! lol. Keep up the good work.

10. What are three special things most people dont know about you?
 Im an early twenty something year old, that has never been kissed, a virgin and proudly so, with double d boobs! Doesn't get more special than that. lmbo!

11. What keeps you going in life?
Good health, my brothers (love them!), bbq chicken wings, my parents, my cute lil niece and nephew, my friends, and the good Lord Almighty. Amen!