Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I finally fixed my Internet at home! yay! I can totally blog at home now. I'm so happy about that! Actually Ive been so sad with everything going on in Nigeria esp about the most recent Kidnapping of the girls in Borno State.

Where are our Chibok girls? Almost 200 girls still missing! Kidnapped by terrorists! Where are they? What is our government doing about this?

Dear, Mama haven't said anything to these mothers. A little word of encouragement and hope will go a little way in their hearts. At least, pretend to care.

Dear President Goodluck,
Is your campaign more important than the lives of your citizens Sir? We are looking to you. Please do something about this sect Boko Haram. That's why we elected you. To fight for us. To be there and act on our behalf. To put the lives of the citizens first. You are failing us. Please do something. #BringBackOurGirls