Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love like Mine

My blog is my safe haven. Apart from a few friends, no one knows about it. lol. That's why i feel safe to shout to the high heavens that I'm in love with a man for the first time in my life. :)
Dimples is all that and so much more. I know this sounds cheesy but its true. Hes perfect for me. Sometimes i feel everything is going too good so i try to pick a fight. lol. Childish i know, but the make up "feels" is tots! worth it. lol

Last night, he put his arm around my waist when we were walking out of the restaurant. I just fell into his arms. My strong strong man. I love him :) He's so considerate and even with the age difference he always asks, "what do you think?". Together we are strong. I pray to God everyday and i say thank you Lord for giving me a partner that fell in love with You first. Because he loves You Lord with all his heart, he knows how to love me in a million ways.

He's sexy. The chemistry is like "WOOOAAHHH". But Jesus is our "gumming" body holder. hahahaha. Sometimes when he gives me that look i just want to "jump" him. I don't though. I tell the "gumming" body devil to get thee behind me. lol. I love him.

I told my ma about 'this' guy I'm seeing. Shes totally on my side. I didn't go into details but i know shes cool. She just said, "be careful nne". No introductions yet but slowly slowly and surely.

There's this girl that is actively pursuing him. It started in their church o as a small group kinda "brother/sister" thing. Now this girl is singing the Lord revealed to her that He (Dimples) is the one! The heck? Ah! Inukwa case. Dimples told her that Hes taken and the Lord hasn't told him anything about her. She was like, yea she knows. That's shes gonna wait and pray for him to come to her. See monitoring spirit! lol. Dimples laughed it off and me now had to go to the church sef to scope the girl a lil. I was curious cos about two of his friends in church told me about her too. The girl na Fine girl o! But please she should go and pray and wait for someone else na Shuo? See how shes actively praying we don't work. hahaha. I'm not worried and its def funny. Well it is ba? lol

Hope yall are good? Ive written about three posts but I'm too tired and lazy to proofread. Thank you for the support and love and for always sharing my posts! Tolu! i see you! too :).
Love yall and imma get to proof reading soonest!