Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter! Plus Updates!

Lunch with Ezeji was awesome. The conversation flowed freely and i must say he still looks hella good. He had them big nerdy glasses on as a fashion statement i guess, but he pulled it off. lol. He is moving back to town cos he's going to be doing his residency here. Fine fine doctor. Too bad I'm not available :)
I told him o! I told him that if he is looking for a girl, he better not look at me. Im taken! lol. "It was a harmless hangout", he said. He was also like if he wants me he can do better than Dimples. hahahaha! It was all jokes. Hes been so good at keeping in touch. Always whatsapp-ing and calling when he gets a chance. Its all innocent o! Haaa... My Oga at the top still dey.

Speaking of Dimples. His birthday is coming up this May. Ive been thinking of what to get him. He has all the gadgets including the PS4 so I no sabi what to buy am o! I'm thinking shoes and ties or socks? Socks? lol. Surely they have designer socks ba? Don't laugh me o! I'm new at this. Plus the guy is always giving me something. He has set the bar real high. lol. If he was my husband i would have pulled out the sexy trench coat and sky high heels and red lipstick and the dinner for two, then all night sex at an exclusive hotel. Hahahaha... too bad he is still stuck at boyfy levels. His loss ;)

So what should i get him? I really wanna get him something great but i have a budget o! must eat after birthday celebration okwia? lol. I'm still thinking. Any suggestions are welcome. Remember we have only been together officially for two months. I cant be going all out like that. Lets wait till month 6, then i can go crazy. Crazy but with my legs still closed. haha. Na!, no osho free things at all. And Hes ok with that. Very very very OK. I have me a great guy. Bless God.

Its Easter Sunday you guys! Happy Easter! Jesus is the reason for the season. I'm celebrating the resurrection of Christ with my family. Its gonna be fun.

Also, its not weird that i didn't ask Dimples to spend the day with me and family ba? I kinda read the disappointment in his eyes when i didn't invite him over. But i cant though. Not yet. I have a big family and na one by one i go break the news to them. We are Nigerians to the core. lol. Hes never spoken to anyone from my family nor has he seen them in person. lol. His mother called me o! And his sister is amazing! We met and are totally best friends now. I love her. Its not like I'm hiding anything but... E go hard with my family o! Anyway this is a different tori for una.

Happy Easter :) Tolu cook and send over for me. Hi Lae! I miss you. And to all y'all. I love you! Thanks for supporting and always sharing my posts! It means alot :) God bless you!