Friday, February 14, 2014

Here's to Valentine's Day! xoxo :)

Its been a whole lotta red this week. Seriously everywhere is all red with decorations and you can feel the love. I love Valentines Day! I think its totally cool that we have a special day set aside to remind us to show love. Its Just like Mothers Day...its a day worth celebrating with the ones you love. Or you can show love to a complete stranger. Hey there! haha

Now I've never had a "boo" Valentine but I've had some pretty memorable ones. Oh Let me tell you the story of one of the best i had.
When i was in boarding school in Nigeria, because it was an all girls school we had a class Val. The teachers or seniors wrote down names of everybody in the class. Then you pick a name and whoever you pick, is your class Val. Nowadays Its kinda like Secret Santa at work or school. I think this story was js3 or 9th grade. Ok so i picked this other girl and i bought her earrings. They were pretty cheap cos i wasn't about to spend my money on a girl that wasn't even my friend. lol. That week i lost my bathing sponge. I remember i kept announcing and crying in class/dorm because i no longer had a sponge to bath with. On Valentines Day I didn't even bother to go meet the girl and exchange gifts. I just gave it to her friend to pass on to her. Later that night i saw the girl walking towards me. She had this neatly wrapped box in her hand and a card on the box. She came and gave it to me. I was so surprised and shame no even gree me to open the box. It was so beautiful complete with the bow and all. I finally opened it and what do i see? A sponge! A very beautiful red bath sponge. I nearly cried. I couldnt even look her in the face cos i was really ashamed. She hugged me and said she was happy i liked it. She then told me not to cry about the sponge anymore. I was so Ashamed because this girl i barely knew went out of her way to get me the kindest, most thoughtful gift ever! Throughout that school year Omo i avoided the babe o! The shame no gree me face her. lol. We became friends much later. She's an amazing and blessed soul. Love her!

 Last year was pretty cool too. My coworker had like three big edible arrangements (fruit&chocolate arranged like flowers...see picture below) sent to her at the office from different love interests. The babe na "hot cake". lol
She gave me one of them to take home and booooyyy was it giant! I had an amazing time "cho pu lating" my thing jare. I also got individual roses from other coworkers and chocolate covered red velvet cake from my good friend. I had fun laughing and eating chocolates! It was a good day :)

This year I told my mum she was my valentine and i asked this craze woman what she wanted. Imagine her answer o! "Ah Nne that money i owe you($300) please forget about it and i will accept your love". Ahahahahaaha... See smart woman. I told her I want my money back o! She was trying to use Igbo sense on me. She come forget say Na she born me. lol. A whole $300? Me ke forget? Haaaaa... E go hard o! I may change my mind sha.  I mean my mother is pretty awesome. lol. Well we will see how it goes today!

A bunch of people on my Facebook keep updating their status and screaming blue murder on Valentine Day. Talking about today is supposed to be a day to give to the needy and not a day to exchange gifts with your loved ones. Hahaha...The thing is yes, it is true that you're supposed to help the needy today and show love to them but i can bet you a million dollars that most of these people screaming give to the needy have NEVER given to the less privileged before. Trynna sound all righteous but end up coming off as bitter. Valentines Day doesn't have to be celebrated only if you're coupled up. Its also about family time and togetherness and sharing and showing love to friends and neighbors. You could surprise an old friend with a call today? Anything goes. Put a smile on some one's face instead of sitting down all bitter at the world. Smile and make merry. God's gat you :)

I love Love. Little wonder why I've never actually being in love. lol. You know words of the mouth are powerful. I remember in high school when everybody was all boo'ed up. I wasn't  really interested in that. I always said to my friends that i wanted the very first guy i date/court end to be the only one. I wanted him to be the one i end up calling my husband. I want to be able to say on my wedding day that I married my first boyfriend, my best friend and my first love. Frogs are not my portion. Never really cared for y'all know by now, i hate Animals. I will wait for my Prince. lol. I totally said that and Its like its going to be true. hahaha. Surulere o! God willing.
Happy Valentines day to you all. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading and please comment!  I love you guys :) E-hug

Special shout out to my auntie of life...Aunt Ije thank you for being a second mother to me. Thank you for loving and caring for me like your own Daughter. Yea Adaobi I'm totally a daughter #tongueout. Thank you to my BFF of life Christabel. You're an amazing girl and I'm so blessed to have you in my life. I love you girl. To my guys rock!
So much love to show to a lot of people today. My car is packed full with chocolates. hahaha! i hope i don't finish it before it gets to the intended owners o! Lmbo!

I want diamonds! but "boohoo" who go wan dash me that one na? #tears. Let me just find seat and collect my Hershey's chocolate and cards? and say thank you. lol
Do enjoy Today!

With Love,