Friday, March 7, 2014

First Beat Down Part 2

I got off the dance floor to catch my breath and pull myself together. I took a seat and sat down at the end of the living room. I badly needed water but i was too shaken to move. My "violator" was still on the dance floor though. Thank God. If he had followed me, i would have ran away from that house. lol. I learnt from secondary school In Naija and High school here to always run. I'm no Usain Bolt but i can pick race like no tomorrow. No try me o! hahaha :D

I noticed this very tall dark guy walking towards me. He wasn't that good looking facially but he was tall, really tall, and with a very nice build. He came and sat by me and said hello. God must have had a lil mercy on me  because homeboy was smelling fresh. No smoke, No alcohol... I silently thanked Baba God and smiled at him. We started making small talk and he had this really deep Island accent. It sounded really good and the guy could hold a conversation too. We were talking and laughing and i honestly didn't read too much into it. Where we were sitting was directly facing the kitchen, though the kitchen was a little in the distance. You know how oyibo kitchens are can see them from the living room. Most of them have open walls and are located right by the living room. Anyway as i was talking to this guy, whenever I'd look in the direction of the kitchen, I'd see these two girls staring daggers at me. I dismissed it though and tried not to look in their direction. Sometime later by accident i looked at their direction again and this time they weren't even coding it, they were looking at me with so much hate in their eyes. I didn't recognize them so i just opened my eyes right back at them and rolled it. As i did that i muttered something not so nice about them under my breath. I turned back to face my companion/talking buddy.

Big mistake. I should never have done the eye rolling because the girls were waiting for me to misstep. It didn't take them more than a minute and BBBAAAMM! They were in my face. Holy crap! The main girl and her side kick came over and they started raining abuses on me. They turned to the guy also and gave it to him. I was confused at first but not for long. I was called my "talking buddy's whore"...

She was like "Nigga is this the bitch you cheated on me with? Is this why you done left me after all we've been through? How dare you bring your whore to this party? and she has the guts to roll her eyes at me? Im finna kill this little heifer... Imma kill her and kill you too. Useless stinking ass nigga...". Oh she went on. And on! By now the party had gathered around us and the music had stopped. The guy was just sitting there and just shaking his head. I noticed some people trying to get her to go and cool down but she was not budging. I was just irritated and since she wasn't leaving, i tried to get up and leave. As i stood up, the main girl was turned to the guy but her friend around came and blocked me from leaving. People were telling her to leave me alone and step away. She was yelling curse words at them. I tried to push past her and leave and as i tried, the main aggressor came behind me in a swift calculated movement. She grabbed my hair hard and that action literally swung me around. I screamed! That's when the cheating boyfriend stood up and tried to get her away from me. She would not free my hair though. The guy was in between and trying to push her away from me but She kept holding on to my hair and pulling and pulling. I was there trying to free myself and tears of frustration and pain flooded my eyes. My friend whose party it was, was no where to be found. Her hubby wasnt there either. My saving grace was this girl (later got to know she was my friends cousin) that stepped in and  practically punched the girl holding my hair hostage. She immediately freed my hair and her cheating ex boyfriend carried her out admist screams. The girl that punched her took care of her friend too. lol. I think she actually beat that one down. I was too preoccupied with my pain to watch the beat down. At least my aggressor was strong...the back up side kick/her friend was a weakling just like me. hahahaha. A weakling with mouth though. Her behind got a nice ass kicking. lol

That girl( my aggressor) kept shouting and screaming outside the house. She wouldn't leave. The men didnt want to physically touch her before they'd get sent to jail. She said she wouldn't leave the premises except the ex boyfriend went with her. They kept trying to calm her and have her go so the police don't get called by the neighbours. I even heard someone saying that if the cops came to the house, they were going to take the ex boyfriend to jail because he just went to prison for assaulting her. My friend and her husband weren't there because they had left the party to go buy more beer. When she came back and heard what happened, she nearly came to blows with my aggressor. She was so sorry about the incident and kept apologizing to me the whole night. I was honestly too traumatized to drive. I stayed there till like 5am before i drove home. Do you know that the cheating ex boyfriend came back into the house to try to talk to me? Like this time really really hit on me? I couldn't even speak...i just kept thinking, is this nigga ok? lol. He really thought i was gonna put myself in a situation where I'd have a repeat performance of this drama? Na ah... My Mama didn't raise no fool.

My aggressor fights with everyone including her  ex boyfriend. That's why he left her behind after he got out of jail. I heard what happened was She hit him, and he hit her back but you know she didn't go to jail. He did though. He just got out and she wanted him back. I think they have been having some sex behind the scenes but didn't really get back together. The week of the party, he told her he didn't want to see her again because he is with someone else now. That didn't sit well with her. My friend said she didn't invite her to the party because she knew the guy was coming. She came with her friend that was invited and promised my friend she wasn't gonna get into any mischief or cause any trouble. Well she broke her promise when she attacked me. Oh my friend was ready to beat her ass. Her husband and her son and brother held her back mehn... They're all from the same Caribbean Island. I think after that night my aggressor was black listed from all of their future get

I learnt three things from that encounter. 1. Never roll your eyes at people who are staring daggers at you. You could get beat. 2. Before you engage in chummy conversation with rugged tall dark boys at a house party, look around with vigilant eyes. If some girl is staring at you with death in her eyes... run far away from said guy. 3. Learn self defense. You gotta know how to kick bitches asses. lol.