Saturday, February 1, 2014

My lil brother's day! O happy Birthday :)

Its my lil brother's birthday today! yay! I cant believe he is so grown now... A gentle man and a very smart one at that! Seriously My lil bro is so book smart. When we were younger i used to envy his brain. This lil kid will stay up all night playing video games and next day get 97% in his exams. I will be the serious one "jacking" my books and still end up with a miserable B. Imagine what I'd get if i didn't study? Hahahaha... *cringes

I love my lil bro. Hes the last boy so he was born favored in so many ways mehn... This boy got plenty of gifts from everyone and he was spoilt rotten. When he was a lil boy he was so chubby because anything he wanted to eat...he got. Mr Biggs o, Crunchies o, suya o, every every that fatty bom bom will chop it all. I'd always be behind him begging for some crumbs and woe betide me if i had beat him that day. Na only the smell of the Mr Biggs i go see enter my stomach. lol. Oh my mother spoilt him rotten. And she always called him Obim... His name is Chi ma obim. Thats Igbo and it means God knows my heart... He is my mothers heart.

You see my mother nearly lost him when he was a new born baby. I heard he was sick for a real long time and my mother never left his side. She took care of him everyday in the hospital and prayed feverishly to God to answer her prayers and save her son. The Almighty God sure did and that's how his name came about. Chimaobim-God knows my heart. We all call him Obi or Obim for short. Though he has a ton of nicknames... my personal favorite is M&M. M&M in his case stood for Mischief Maker.

Let me tell you some stories about our mischief maker. Obim was one word when we were younger- mischievous. You know those people that play tricks on you every time? Those friends that when you are with them, you watch your back cos you don't know what prank they have planned? The ones that will play paranormal activities on you and you will know you ain't shooting no movie? Yea? Yup! that's Obim! He is so crazy. This boy will put stones in your shoe, he will pour extra pepper in the food so you will eat with a gallon of water and he will sit and watch as tears pour down your face whilst laughing his lil behind off. Obim will put body lotion in between two sliced bread and give it to you just to have the satisfaction of watching the horrible look on your face as you spit the bread out. Hahahaha... That boy always has a trick up his sleeves. He shared a bed with my immediate older brother and when he'd wet the bed, he will wake up at night, change his clothes and then roll my other brother over to his side. That one will wake up confused and wondering why he was all wet. Rotflmao! #tears

Oh The meanest trick he played on me was when i beat him up for something. I cant remember what for but this boy took peeled Cassava and yams then he  rubbed it all over the inside of my jean skirt.  I was supposed to wear that skirt to a birthday party later in the day. Now you all know unwashed Cassava itches when its in contact with the body... Well i wore my skirt to my friends birthday gathering in her house and i was a crying itchy mess. All over my thighs i had rashes and i was itching my life away in the presence of all my friends. Shame no even gree catch me then because i was too miserable to be ashamed and besides everyone felt sorry for me. My friends mum had to tell me to pull my clothes and they emptied a can of dusting powder on me. Imagine with all the heat, red itchy rashes on my thighs and lower stomach then dusting powder on top all that. That stung me mehn... It was so painful. My friends had to also fan me with hand fan to reduce the sting because their ceiling fan was not cutting it. I remember it all so well... It was a horrible day. lol. The next day my cousin staying with us told me my brother rubbed cassava all over the clothes i was wearing that day. I reported him to my mum but when we looked for him to come and collect his ass whipping, this boy disappeared and only appeared dinner time after the dust had settled. I later learnt he was hiding in the drawer. lol. It was a huge drawer in my mothers room. Little wimp.

Hahahaha... ok I guess i will tell some more Obim stories in later posts. He is a case. Hes more matured now he is a University student and legal... He is still a joker and now i look forward to hearing his latest one. I love him and i know God made him my blood cos He knew i needed a human comic relief. My personal Happy Birthday baby... Here is to many more years and many many blessings and God's guidance and protection on you This day and forever. Amen :)