Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crickets* Crickets* lol

So they still never find the girls ooo! Boko Haram is still sharing bomb all over the place. It's really heart breaking and sad but I still believe God hasn't forgotten us. Peace will reign in Gods time. #bringbackourgirls #stopBokoHaram #love&peace. 

Alot has happened o! I'm just gonna tell it all in different posts! But first, Let me thank my loyal readers. Thanks guys! Even though I wasn't blogging, I still see y'all visiting my page. Thank you for the love and support. The enemy wants us to run and hide but we won't. We will continue to live and praise The Lord and have faith that in His time, all will be well.

Leona is back my dears! My aim is to write at least 3 posts a week. I believe I can! I know I can! lol. Let's hope I will. 

How y'all doing? Chai! Hope you didn't miss me too much o! Hugs and kisses to you! 

Love, Leona :)