Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love like Mine

My blog is my safe haven. Apart from a few friends, no one knows about it. lol. That's why i feel safe to shout to the high heavens that I'm in love with a man for the first time in my life. :)
Dimples is all that and so much more. I know this sounds cheesy but its true. Hes perfect for me. Sometimes i feel everything is going too good so i try to pick a fight. lol. Childish i know, but the make up "feels" is tots! worth it. lol

Last night, he put his arm around my waist when we were walking out of the restaurant. I just fell into his arms. My strong strong man. I love him :) He's so considerate and even with the age difference he always asks, "what do you think?". Together we are strong. I pray to God everyday and i say thank you Lord for giving me a partner that fell in love with You first. Because he loves You Lord with all his heart, he knows how to love me in a million ways.

He's sexy. The chemistry is like "WOOOAAHHH". But Jesus is our "gumming" body holder. hahahaha. Sometimes when he gives me that look i just want to "jump" him. I don't though. I tell the "gumming" body devil to get thee behind me. lol. I love him.

I told my ma about 'this' guy I'm seeing. Shes totally on my side. I didn't go into details but i know shes cool. She just said, "be careful nne". No introductions yet but slowly slowly and surely.

There's this girl that is actively pursuing him. It started in their church o as a small group kinda "brother/sister" thing. Now this girl is singing the Lord revealed to her that He (Dimples) is the one! The heck? Ah! Inukwa case. Dimples told her that Hes taken and the Lord hasn't told him anything about her. She was like, yea she knows. That's shes gonna wait and pray for him to come to her. See monitoring spirit! lol. Dimples laughed it off and me now had to go to the church sef to scope the girl a lil. I was curious cos about two of his friends in church told me about her too. The girl na Fine girl o! But please she should go and pray and wait for someone else na Shuo? See how shes actively praying we don't work. hahaha. I'm not worried and its def funny. Well it is ba? lol

Hope yall are good? Ive written about three posts but I'm too tired and lazy to proofread. Thank you for the support and love and for always sharing my posts! Tolu! i see you! too :).
Love yall and imma get to proof reading soonest!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Dimples

Oga Dimples added a year to his life in May. I remember I had asked for gift ideas on here. Thanks guys for helping out. Well, something happened in my family around that time so the money I was supposed to spend on his gift was spent on my family matter. Family first shey? lol. Anyway money for hand come short well well and I had to come up with something fast. Wait first let me start from the beginning.

My initial plan when I still hold money was to treat him to dinner at this expensive Indian restaurant in downtown. My friend told me about some Italian ball room dancers performing that night somewhere close to the restaurant. I was gonna get us tickets to see the show after the dinner. Then when the show ended, we would stop by this nice Ice cream place I love(Marble Slab) and enjoy some sweet treats. 

I pictured us doing the "sweet talk thing" and just having a Lil down time sitting by the beautiful water fountain next to the ice cream shop to further enjoy each others company. At the end of the night(whatever time that was), I drop him to his house and give him his gift. I also wanted that night, during the goodbye, to be the first time we kissed on the lips. Hahaha! We still never kiss (as at then sha). We are children of God nu. Na slowly slowly we dey do am. lol

So the gift i had in mind to buy then, was gonna be some really nice Italian shoes. Them shoes cost ooo! Almost a nine hundred dollars something. lol. Unbelievable shey? My dears, when love carry you, you will want to empty your pockets and your heart just to make sure your other half is taken care of. And oh, I was gonna be the driver for the night. lol. That was gonna be special because I've never driven him. He's always the one driving us everywhere. Not that I'm complaining. Abeg I like to throwaway leg and relax as person dey drive me around. Na princess wey I be na. *patsweave. Haha! 

See all my fine plans! But money said no! Hahaha. When I finished taking care of family business and paying the bills for the month, I barely had $200 left from my spend money. I have money in savings account o but there's no way I was gonna dip into my "mad money" for man. I never like am reach like that... Igbo girl no fit change o! Una free me. lol

Things with Dimples was all well and good. The guy is plenty amazing. Anyway sha, I just dey on my own one day like that thinking about what i could do for him with the $200 i had left. Na him i come get this phone call. See how conversation went o! 

Me: hello
Lady: hello, is this Leona? 
Me: yes this is she. How may I help you? 
Lady: hi honey, I'm Sweet Momma. I am Dimples mother.
Me: (panicked) What? You are who now? 
Lady: (laughing)  I'm Sweet Momma. You're dating my son, Dimples.
Me: Holy Ghost Fire! (i really said What? 

At then a million thoughts was running through my head. The call made me dizzy.
My hands were so shaky and my heart was pounding so fast. I wasn't thinking straight and by mistake(or maybe my fingers knew what they were doing), I cut the call and dropped my phone on the floor. Lmbo. My phone screen cracked. I was a total mess. I was like, "HUH? What the heck just happened?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crickets* Crickets* lol

So they still never find the girls ooo! Boko Haram is still sharing bomb all over the place. It's really heart breaking and sad but I still believe God hasn't forgotten us. Peace will reign in Gods time. #bringbackourgirls #stopBokoHaram #love&peace. 

Alot has happened o! I'm just gonna tell it all in different posts! But first, Let me thank my loyal readers. Thanks guys! Even though I wasn't blogging, I still see y'all visiting my page. Thank you for the love and support. The enemy wants us to run and hide but we won't. We will continue to live and praise The Lord and have faith that in His time, all will be well.

Leona is back my dears! My aim is to write at least 3 posts a week. I believe I can! I know I can! lol. Let's hope I will. 

How y'all doing? Chai! Hope you didn't miss me too much o! Hugs and kisses to you! 

Love, Leona :) 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The reason why

I haven't written anything in over a month because I've just being down. Nigeria makes me down. The news everyday about whats going on breaks my heart. I worry too much because I have family there and also because its my country. The country I love. Where i was born and bred. Nigeria...

I promised myself i wasn't gonna blog until they girls are back. One month and counting and they're still missing. Held captive. How are they? Are they ok? Why are they(Boko Haram) still blowing innocent citizens up? Why? Why do people have to die for no reason. Ive been giving myself high bp so Ive decided to stop reading and listening to the news about Nigeria. Im too young to go to an early grave or have cardiac arrest.
Im not giving up on my country though. I have faith. I have faith that soon Through Christ Our Lord and the hard work of everyone trying to bring peace back into our country, that all will be well.

Oh good Lord... come to our aide. This just breaks my heart. May the souls of the departed in the bomb blast (all of them) rest in peace. Amen.

I will still blog. Please stay with me. Gotta get myself together...

Love, Leona.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I finally fixed my Internet at home! yay! I can totally blog at home now. I'm so happy about that! Actually Ive been so sad with everything going on in Nigeria esp about the most recent Kidnapping of the girls in Borno State.

Where are our Chibok girls? Almost 200 girls still missing! Kidnapped by terrorists! Where are they? What is our government doing about this?

Dear, Mama haven't said anything to these mothers. A little word of encouragement and hope will go a little way in their hearts. At least, pretend to care.

Dear President Goodluck,
Is your campaign more important than the lives of your citizens Sir? We are looking to you. Please do something about this sect Boko Haram. That's why we elected you. To fight for us. To be there and act on our behalf. To put the lives of the citizens first. You are failing us. Please do something. #BringBackOurGirls


Friday, April 25, 2014

Blame Game!

Ah! blame my lack of regular blogging on my Internet o! So i recently discovered i was paying waaaayy too much on my Internet bill. I called my provider to find out why and ended up cutting it off. I did that in annoyance and i didn't even have a back up plan. lol. Ive been so busy working and doing other stuff that by the time i remember to call them people (another service provider), customer service people don close. Anyway I'm hoping to fix it soon.

My work people have been over doing too damn much. Talking about don't use the Internet and ish when you are at work. Ehn why leave it on my computer if you don't want me to use it? How exactly do you want me to stay awake at night on these night shifts ehn? Na wa o! This new supervisor is doing the most. Her gist will full at least five posts. And that's me being kind. Shes a good person (somewhere underneath that mean facade) but her holier than thou attitude can like to piss somebody off. "Don't drop your cup there", "don't go to that bathroom, its too far from your unit", "your break should be in the break room" etc etc... I too tire.

I'm sorry dear readers. So much to talk about. Me and Oga Dimples haven't fought(thats oyibo talk for disagreement/quarrel) yet but we came close to it last night. I had to use my inner zen to calm Gist later.

Gotta run now. The aproko supervisor is parading the floor. Looking at our computer screen with her 10 eyes. Fake smiling with that 1980's sweater and shoes that have seen better days begging for mercy. hahaha... I had to yab her small.

Kisses guys! Love, Leo :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter! Plus Updates!

Lunch with Ezeji was awesome. The conversation flowed freely and i must say he still looks hella good. He had them big nerdy glasses on as a fashion statement i guess, but he pulled it off. lol. He is moving back to town cos he's going to be doing his residency here. Fine fine doctor. Too bad I'm not available :)
I told him o! I told him that if he is looking for a girl, he better not look at me. Im taken! lol. "It was a harmless hangout", he said. He was also like if he wants me he can do better than Dimples. hahahaha! It was all jokes. Hes been so good at keeping in touch. Always whatsapp-ing and calling when he gets a chance. Its all innocent o! Haaa... My Oga at the top still dey.

Speaking of Dimples. His birthday is coming up this May. Ive been thinking of what to get him. He has all the gadgets including the PS4 so I no sabi what to buy am o! I'm thinking shoes and ties or socks? Socks? lol. Surely they have designer socks ba? Don't laugh me o! I'm new at this. Plus the guy is always giving me something. He has set the bar real high. lol. If he was my husband i would have pulled out the sexy trench coat and sky high heels and red lipstick and the dinner for two, then all night sex at an exclusive hotel. Hahahaha... too bad he is still stuck at boyfy levels. His loss ;)

So what should i get him? I really wanna get him something great but i have a budget o! must eat after birthday celebration okwia? lol. I'm still thinking. Any suggestions are welcome. Remember we have only been together officially for two months. I cant be going all out like that. Lets wait till month 6, then i can go crazy. Crazy but with my legs still closed. haha. Na!, no osho free things at all. And Hes ok with that. Very very very OK. I have me a great guy. Bless God.

Its Easter Sunday you guys! Happy Easter! Jesus is the reason for the season. I'm celebrating the resurrection of Christ with my family. Its gonna be fun.

Also, its not weird that i didn't ask Dimples to spend the day with me and family ba? I kinda read the disappointment in his eyes when i didn't invite him over. But i cant though. Not yet. I have a big family and na one by one i go break the news to them. We are Nigerians to the core. lol. Hes never spoken to anyone from my family nor has he seen them in person. lol. His mother called me o! And his sister is amazing! We met and are totally best friends now. I love her. Its not like I'm hiding anything but... E go hard with my family o! Anyway this is a different tori for una.

Happy Easter :) Tolu cook and send over for me. Hi Lae! I miss you. And to all y'all. I love you! Thanks for supporting and always sharing my posts! It means alot :) God bless you!