Friday, March 28, 2014


That's all I'm gonna call him.

Ezeji is my friend. I know this sounds cliche but he was the first really close male friend I ever had. I met him in 2009 and we became fast friends! He's not that tall but he is so cute! He is dark, with the loveliest smile, an oval face with really nice cheek bones and he knows how to rock them glasses!
Ezeji was my tutor for a long while when he was in my school. Every time i had trouble with any class at school, I would run to him. He was always helpful and kind. He always made time for me.

This guy had 2 jobs while in school. He was on scholarship but still had to work to support himself. Hard working, smart, kind, friendly, and nice. He was/is really really nice.  Also very Respectful to everyone and thoughtful. Never one to engage in drama, never one to hold a grudge. He helped me find myself? lol, and taught me how to stand up for what i believed in. Like Ms Lupita said, he helped me realize that "my dreams are valid". He was/is a great guy.

I had a massive crush on him then! But i hid it. lol. I never let on. I never told him. I was really really OK just being his friend. Besides tons of girls i knew liked him too. All races, everyone! lol. But really though, he had alot of admirers. A lot of them! He didn't seem to have time to date though. I mean the guy had to keep up his GPA plus work to support himself. He had younger siblings his parents were taking care of.  His family wasn't very well to do so he worked his butt off to achieve his goals in life. He was focused, driven, very hardworking. No really, lol. Im not even kidding. He was perfection. Well minus the height sha. You cant have it all :)

I had this friend Ashley. She liked him, so she came to me. She poured her Lil heart out to me, so i was sent on a mission to go get Ezeji for her. lol. I wanted him too but that wasn't gonna happen because na friend zone he dey with me, so I had to try for my friend.
I went to him with my case. lol. Told him about Ashley, showed him her picture, and sang her praises. He was hesitant at first but i buttered him up and gave him her contacts. They went out on a date for coffee but the guy wasn't feeling her like that though. Ashley really really liked him. He told me he wasn't interested in her but i couldn't tell Ashley. I pleaded with him to keep going out with her o! The boy refused and broke the poor girl's heart. Well that only lasted a day cos the sharp babe Ashley was on to the next  After that happened, i started to avoid him. lol. It was a little childish on my part because i was mad at him. I was angry for another person palava. lol. I was taking panadol for head ache wey no belong to me. lol. Ah i was a case then sha...

Anyway he cornered me one day like that and practically dragged me to the cafeteria to talk. Me i was forming like what na. lol. Doing shakara of "I'm not talking to you". See case na... I wasn't talking to him On top another person matter o! lol. I was such a child...
 He then got all serious talking about he "missed me" and stuff. Ah! I confuse o! I didn't really understand what he meant until he spelled it out for me. "I like you", he said. I remember that day so well. My heart did a somersault. Like no joke. My whole body was all cold. lol. I think that was the first time a guy confessed his feelings for me.
For a while he looked at me to say something... anything. I sat there motionless for a long time. He kept asking me to say something please. I finally mustered up the courage and i told him "I have a boy friend...". lol. Who dash me boyfy then? I lied! lol.  Through my teeth, I lied.I liked him so much o! But i lied.

That was four years ago. Ezeji is finally done with his (out of town)medical school. He called me yesterday, he is back in town. He wants to come see me. lol.