Friday, April 25, 2014

Blame Game!

Ah! blame my lack of regular blogging on my Internet o! So i recently discovered i was paying waaaayy too much on my Internet bill. I called my provider to find out why and ended up cutting it off. I did that in annoyance and i didn't even have a back up plan. lol. Ive been so busy working and doing other stuff that by the time i remember to call them people (another service provider), customer service people don close. Anyway I'm hoping to fix it soon.

My work people have been over doing too damn much. Talking about don't use the Internet and ish when you are at work. Ehn why leave it on my computer if you don't want me to use it? How exactly do you want me to stay awake at night on these night shifts ehn? Na wa o! This new supervisor is doing the most. Her gist will full at least five posts. And that's me being kind. Shes a good person (somewhere underneath that mean facade) but her holier than thou attitude can like to piss somebody off. "Don't drop your cup there", "don't go to that bathroom, its too far from your unit", "your break should be in the break room" etc etc... I too tire.

I'm sorry dear readers. So much to talk about. Me and Oga Dimples haven't fought(thats oyibo talk for disagreement/quarrel) yet but we came close to it last night. I had to use my inner zen to calm Gist later.

Gotta run now. The aproko supervisor is parading the floor. Looking at our computer screen with her 10 eyes. Fake smiling with that 1980's sweater and shoes that have seen better days begging for mercy. hahaha... I had to yab her small.

Kisses guys! Love, Leo :)