Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A day in the Park.

My friend Karen borrowed my shoes from me. They weren't even her size. lol. She was supposed to give them back a long time ago but she didn't. Last Wednesday(26th Feb) she called me up and asked me to meet her at the park close to my house. She said she had my shoes and she was on her way to some place but she will drive by the park and drop off the shoes for me.The park is right by the road, and my house is way way into the street/lane. I was sleepy and tired but she was impatient and persistent so i dragged myself up. I threw on some raggedly clothes and drove to the park. It was a little late in the evening and some kids were playing on the swings. Also saw some runners and dog walkers.

The park by my home has this gorgeous lake next to it. When i got there, i breathed in the fresh air and i found myself walking on the lane by the lake. The weather was beautiful and even though i was dressed like a Homeless woman, the feeling was just right. My useless friend was no where to be found by the way. I was going to call her but my pockets were empty. In my hurry i had left my phone at home! I kept walking though...good excuse to exercise.

As I was walking, I had this feeling that someone was following me. I kept turning my back and this guy that was behind me just wont pass me. After a while, it got real uncomfortable for me so when i saw a bench, i just "kukuma siddon" for the bench to allow my stalker to pass. He had on white tshirt, an open sweater and jeans. I couldnt see his face because a baseball hat (face cap) covered his face. I sat down on the bench and when i looked up, the guy was standing right in front of me. Me wa confused but before i could speak, he took off his hat.

At first it didn't register to me who was standing in front of me. I was just thinking...who be this one? He then squatted in front of me so he was at eye level with me. That's when i recognized him! Good Lord! He was in front of me and smiling! Dimples!!!!!!! I SCREAAAAMMMMEDDDD!!!!! Before the poor guy could recover from the attack on his ear drums, i jumped on him. There was no balance and together we tumbled onto the lane. We were on the hard floor, I was on top of him, screaming his name and squeezing the life out of him. He was laughing so hard. Then he was like, I totally got you! I totally got you! SUURRRPRISE!!!

We were in that position for a minute before the poor guy begged for his breath back. lol. I was carried away! I was hugging him so tightly that he couldn't breathe. hahahaha... When we got up, i was hanging onto his arm for dear life. It was like i was holding unto it for fear he might disappear if i let him go. lol. He jokingly pointed that out and i immediately let his arm go and moved away a little.
Then he said "no no no, I was joking. Please You can hold on to it for as long as you want". I was already back to reality and the shyness took over. lol. When he saw i wasn't taking his arm or hand again, He reached for mine and tucked it in his elbow. Butterflies were having a party in my insides. I was done screaming and the words weren't coming out. Suddenly my throat was all dry and i wanted to run away from him. The nerves kicked in. Then i looked at myself. My people i was dressed a mess. Did i mention i didn't even rinse my sleepy mouth before i came out? That my sweater and sweat pants i had on has seen 'better days? The main thing on my mind then was how i would kill my friend Karen. A freaking lil hint would have worked just fine ba? lol

To be continued...