Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 random things about Me!

Number One: I love chicken wings! I absolutely love them! I could sit and chow down on 20 piece chicken wings, in 5 mins! I am not even kidding. It was an obsession, an addiction even! I thought id never stop. My favorite is BBQ chicken wings. I used to eat them alone or i have mashed potatoes and brown gravy to accompany it. Its so funny, i hated mashed potatoes for the longest time. It looked like badly pounded, pounded yam to me. Tasted like crap to me too. My friend Babiijam got me to try it at this Steak House restaurant we went to for her 21st birthday couple of years ago and that's when i fell in love. Mashed Potatoes with brown gravy and bbq chicken wings had me well on my way to Obesity. Thank God i stopped in time. lol. I will have to say that i do have a chicken wing here and there but never in excess like i used to. Also i love them traditional. You know with the bone in. When ever i hear someone ask me if i want boneless chicken, i fall on the floor and laugh my butt off! Why would i eat chicken wey no get bone? Why? My forefathers will turn in their grave! No thanks... Id love my chicken smothered in BBQ sauce and with the bone in please! Thank you. lol. All that weight i gained from the Southern fried chicken eating went to my boobs. I love my boobs! They're healthy and finally they're getting the attention and respect they deserve. lmbo! I'm a mess! I know! haha :)

Number Two: I am very frugal with money! I love my money! I love making money, I love counting money, I love saving money. Not to brag but i have never been broke in my life. I don't ever plan to be. I am not that girl that will spend all the money in her account and leave it at 0.0000. Tufiakwa! I cant do that. I never do that. Its not like i have a whole lot of money... No o! Its just that i know how to budget and how to separate my needs from my want. When i was in school in naija i was the treasurer of all the clubs i was in. I know how to keep money and i will never dip my hand into cash that doesn't belong to me. Never! Doesn't matter how much i want it. And trust me, if i need money, i will def go to my savings. All my friends, siblings and parents trust me with their money. I think that's an amazing thing. I've never duped my parents before. If that thing costs 2grand, I'm telling them it cost 2grand. My siblings give me their money to safe guard for them. I keep it and when they ask for it, i give it all without a cent missing. Yes, I am a trust worthy person. I no dey do corner corner business. That's why i know i cant ever own a business. I'm way toooo honest with cash. lol. I don't borrow money either. It disturbs my soul. Seriously! I remember when i bought my first car. It cost a lot of money but i only had half of it. The man i was buying it from was a neighbour and he said I can have the car and pay half the money. He was gonna give me 3 months to come up with the rest of the money. My people, i got another job plus the one i had already and worked all the overtime in this world. I came up with the other half of the money in a month. I ran and paid my debt FAST! I love to be free. lol. I don't like to borrow money from people but i'd def help a friend out. I do lend my friends money. But i only do so if i can live without that money for a while. I think its harassment when you willingly lend someone money and within a week, you're calling to get it back. If you know you cant do without that money, my dear hold it. Let someone else help your friend or you can always give it without expecting it back. What are friends for ehn? lol.

3. Nigerian Music! I love Nigerian Music! Check my YouTube history, i tunes, anything...Its all Nigerian Music! I love, love them! I first fell in love with Nigerian music in 2004. That's when Styl Plus came out with Olufumi. Before then I had only Listened to Igbo Christian Music and Barney and friends Music. Don't judge me, i was a very sheltered kid. I bought the CD, my very first CD purchase and i molested that CD ehn... My aunt from America had bought my brother and i disc man. That disc man see pepper o! We were always fighting about whose turn it was to use it. lol. I fell asleep listening to Runway, I woke up to Olufumi, i ate while dreaming of the day Id meet those singing angels! I rem when i saw the video for Olufumi! Oh Lord... i fell in Love with Tunde! Like hopelessly. There i was, a Lil kid dreaming of the day Id meet that fine boy that is Tunde. lol. I knew the words to all their songs! I bought every Cd, i bought their posters sef for my wall. I cut them out whenever i saw them in magazines, I was a true fan girl. Chai! Styl Plus! Where are you now?
lol. My jam for now is Yemi Alade's Johnny! Listen to it below and join me in grooving! I love my Man Flavour! All 6 pack, dreads and delicious body of him. Hes so sexy and his songs are just always on point. My fav one is "Shake". Omo, I cant sit still if i hear that song playing anywhere. lol. Davido is cool too. Nothing like going for your dreams and not just relying on daddy's money. I think hes immature and needs a belt to hold his pants but he makes good music. Dbanj, Don J, Tu face are all legends! Gotta love them! Chai Tuface is no 1. That guy got talent mehn. I saw him perform live and he was so good.
I cant forget my brothers Psquare and Bracket. If not for Dimples i was gonna go find the dark guy from Bracket. I think his name is Vast ba? My cancer survivor! A fighter! Nothing is sexier! Love him :)
I love my Naija music. Anytime. Any day. Shout out to Lagbaja and Daddy Showkey.

Thats my jam. Flavour never gets it wrong!
Current fav! Yemi Alade is a stunner!