Friday, March 7, 2014

A day in the Park: 2

We walked the jogging trail in silence. The silence felt great. The weather was perfect and the lake was looking extra special to me that day. I still couldn't say anything but i held onto his elbow and felt at ease. I was wearing flats and the angle of elevation was incredibly evident. That guy is tall. Well maybe he's not that tall but considering I'm just 5'3, anyone above 5'5 is tall to me. lol.

We got to the shades with tables and we sat down on one of the benches. He broke the silence. He said, are you gonna ask me anything? I bursted out laughing. For some reason that laughter had me feeling so much at ease. I was still nervous but i was comfortable. I found out that he got into the country on the 25th of Feb. At 9pm. His cousin came to the airport and got him. I was at work that night so he didn't want to bother me. Besides he wanted to surprise me. I knew he was gonna be back that week but he didn't give me a specific day. He had to go to Tokyo for a conference and from Tokyo he came back home. He didn't spend that much time over there...he got in for the conference and got out after the conference. Did i mention he speaks fluent German, Japanese and English? I know! I know! Hes got an impressive resume. Me na only English and Igbo i sabi o! I hated French because my French teacher in Nigeria forced us to learn the language. I realised later on that i never did learn the language. I just crammed it in my brain so i could pass my exams and not get my butt whooped. After the exams, nothing was in my head. lol. My Mexican friends here teach me Spanish though. I know a few words and can make simple sentences. lol. Its really great to have someone that knows all these languages. I think its super cool :)

Speaking of having someone... lol. We made small talk for a lil then he got straight to the point. He told me he got me something. As a "confarmed" Igbo girl i perked up real quick. I was expecting to see bundles of pounds and dollars but he brought out this really shiny bracelet looking wrist watch. I was a lil disappointed but the watch was shiny so i was happy still. lol. Then he started with the sweet words... Awww :) Its was all so mushy so I'm not gonna moist you with all the details. lol.  My heart was beating and I felt everything he said all the way to my toes. It kinda felt like i was being proposed to though. The only thing missing was my audience and giant diamond ring. Well lets pray that will come later. Much much later. God willing o! Amen! Anyway he said all that and l held his gaze. I couldn't look away. Where my boldness came from, I know no o! But it was a really cherished moment. He asked me to be his girlfriend. His only official girl. He asked if I'd take him as my only boyfriend too. He said "will you take me and forsake all other Chukwuemekas?".  lmbo! He is so funny. I always joke about how I get hit on by random Chukwuemekas... lol. You know Emeka is a popular male Igbo name. lol. Anyway I said yes and he put on my shiny wristwatch for me. I was on Cloud 9. I know i was supposed to code my feelings but i was too happy to put a lid on anything. I hugged him tight and for the first time i heard him call me "my baby". awww... #tear. you should see my face as im typing this. Im all happy and grinning like a big clown ;D

Sha i have to say the calling me "baby" thing get as e be o! That's what my dad calls me. And my older brothers too. That's kinda been my nickname for my family since i was a kid. My mum calls me that sometimes. Ive always said that when i get a boyfriend, i will look for another pet name he can call me. I dont want to be thinking about my father when Im with him. lol. I have to say that when Dimples called me "my baby", it felt different. So different. It felt nice. And Nope! My papa no come to my mind. lol
So Leona finally has a boyfriend. Took me two decades and a lil years but it happened. It feels just right. I have no doubt in my mind. No reservation and no regrets saying yes to him. I know it's supposed to be this way... thats why i never said yes to Justin or Festus. lol. Their stories are coming. :)

So much Love,