Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Holiday Glory

Ah feels good to be back to my computer.! I travelled for the Christmas Holidays to visit my family and it was the best time ever! Hope you had a swell time this Christmas as well?

It wasn't all crazy and ish but it was really really good. Tons and tons of good food and drinks and desserts! I had a whole lot to eat! I also hung out with my bestest friends and it just felt good. Safe. Amazing. It reminded me so much of our childhood...Chai! I really really miss being a little kid! *smdh. The Christmas and New year holidays as an Igbo child was the best! I hope i give my kids the same cool holidays my parents gave me. No complaints here. My parents always went all out the holiday season! Never a dull moment and no regrets. My last kid holiday was the last one i spent in my Igbo village in Naija. December 2005. Man, I wish i could go back to that Christmas holiday every damn year...*smh. We cant have all we wish for right? lol. Moving On...albeit grudgingly.

Now I'm back to work. My adult life! Arrrrrgggghhhh! Every day needs to be Christmas mehn... Every day needs to be Christmas...*sigh
Ok ok im done. lol. Now back to my perky "i love the whole world attitude". hahahaha. Walk with me :):) #leggo