Monday, December 23, 2013

A little on Love and Basketball.

 I  dont know what you are thinking but there is no real love and basketball story like the one in the movie going on here o! It just made for a catchy title. lol. Ah! ehn  so yesterday one of my favorite celebrity black couple got engaged. lol. I know i said i dont stan for celebrities but when it comes to my favorite basketball team... Im a die hard fan. Well maybe a lil... hehehe

The Miami Heat owns my heart in the sport game. haaa Its not like I'm some sport fanatic o! Before the guys reading this will be like wifey material alert. Taaaa... i cant stand all that Football, soccer, baseball, golf, hockey and whatever else kind of sport that gets you all crazy. lol. Basketball is the only sport i can stand. I actually got into it when the whole Lebron leaving the "crybaby" Cleveland team was happening. I felt so bad reading and watching people just bash him. I wanted to be there for the guy and at least be among the little fraction of people showing a lil support. He was just getting so much hate from what seems like the whole "frikin" country! Good gad! Some people take this pro sports thing way too seriously. Anyway I started watching him play and i used google to learn about basket ball. I soon started to enjoy it though and i graduated to watching other teams and not just his team play. I totally love basket ball, especially the players *wink wink**

Hotness all over the court. Tall dark and fine hot chocolates and The vanilla's are pretty *whistles*

I cant ever date a basketball player though (not that there is one checking for me but still...). The key word being player. lol. I honestly dont know how the women that are married to them, or the ones that are dating them (or think they do it. Ive seen Basketball wives(babymamas/sideho-es).  All the groupie gists i hear about...AH no o! Also wonder why the ball players dont use protection if they are going to sleep around? TMZ is always carrying one story or the other about a player with multiple baby mamas in court for child support. How women still open legs for these Keziahs( multiple egg i dont understand. I mean gosh! they could be carrying all kinds of diseases and you still gonna let a one night stand hit you raw? #yuck! Gad have mercy on all of y'all. lol.

As for me i no dey ever do o. Haaaaaa...The money and the reality abi tabloid fame aint important to me like that. What use is the money when my heart is not at peace ehn? Thank God for basket Ball wives the tv show mehn... i for no know all these nonsense going on in their world.
I'm sha ok admiring the basket ball players from my tv screen. I hate crowds so i aint never going to any stadium to see anyone live. lol. my tv works just fine thank you. I will keep my money. haha

Well Congrats to the newly engaged couple D Wade and Gabrielle Union. Team Miami Heat all day and errtime till Lebron James ports to another team and i go follow am port too. Na follow the master thingz i dey na ...hahahaha.