Friday, December 20, 2013

'Tis the season to be giving

I wrote this days ago but I'm just now posting it. Today's topic is about giving to the people who need it. Many people go in on celebrities about giving to the poor or charities, while themselves sit and do nothing. Whats their excuse? "Eh I'm not a celeb, I don't make millions". How much do you think is enough? If you keep waiting till you make millions, auntie mi you gonna be waiting a long long time. How about now?

Lets see you have $100 and you want to use it to get shoes... but thing is you already have a whole bunch of shoes!.You know about the red cross? you know about the various disasters happening and the help line numbers to call to donate what you can? How about you do that? You do not have to have millions before you can help. OK even if you don't have about the clothes sitting there in your closet? The excess shoes? Sure you know there are people going without? Clothes you haven't worn in a long while... you can package those and give them away. Give them to the orphanage or goodwill stores. Try and do your part before calling out someone else. Hypocrisy is not Godly people.
Thing is these celebrities work mighty hard for their money and if they do not want to give, its their damn business. Its their call not yours. You do not insult and abuse them and then call on God to not bless them anymore. In Nigerian Language its always the popular "God punish you idiot! you will die..." etc etc. Really? Work on your self first before you start calling on someone. And even if you give, that doesn't mean you should go about hollering at other people.

I have to shout out Linda Ikeji. She is a Nigerian blogger and this holiday season, to show appreciation to her readers, she gave away almost two million naira on her blog to her readers. I was amazed and blown away by her generosity. Its not even the giving away money part, its that she actually shared it to different people. People with names and real problems. God bless her.
Something about celebrities i see that give i sometimes shake my head at. Some of them just chose a Charity and sign the check to them, Not caring about how the money is used. The money could be shared among the officials there and they have no idea. To them, they have done their part. Thats a little sad sha. I totally love the placing a face to the money part like Linda did. Thats is more personal and direct and amazing. The signing check to charities is amazing God bless and replenish all their pockets. Amen!

Another example and one of my fav Nigerian celebrities is David o. Im a fan of his music and ive seen he is always generous to people too. His past birthday dude bought a whole bunch of food stuff and toys for different orphanages. I was in awe! But when i heard what people were saying about his giving i was appalled!. I couldn't believe people that HAVEN'T given anything in their lives were insulting him for taking pictures of what he was giving to the orphanages! I was like what? that all you sad lots got from this? Pictures? How about God bless you DavidO. God go make you bigger.? He gave children truck load of food and toys and bought clothes! He didnt have to but he did! And all you can do is hate and abuse him for taking pictures at the orphanages? He has done his godly duty. What have you done? Sit and type vile and hateful words? God help people mehn...

This is the season to give. Make someone smile today. Don't worry about what people will say. If you want to give. Give. If ya don't want to. Don't. No one is forcing you to. Giving should come from the heart. You give and do not expect anything in return. That's the way it should be. God bless y'all givers and non givers this season and for ever more. Amen!