Friday, December 20, 2013

Model bants! #leggo

Every girl for Naija looking for a lil fame and change be model now o!
-you enter studio snap picture. You be model. 
-you are tall and dress nicely. Your friends take good pictures of be model.
-you are beautiful with a well shaped oval face and can smize(smiling with your eyes) be model.
-you get good light for your baffroom and a nice hairstyle. You take picture for there, and get 50+ social media likes... you be model.
-you audition for Miss Abuja or Miss Sokoto even when your state of origin is Ebonyi. They no pick you o! But you be model anyway.
-your friend makes high end okirika shirts. He dash you one, you snap photo with it. He puts it up on Facebook and you get tons of pervy strangers likes and creepy comments. You be model.
-your mama Dey sell market. You dress up and snap photo infront of her store. She print the photo and Una use am make be model. You are modeling for your mothers kiosk. It's a proud thing baby... All join model thingz na...hehehe

Ok I'm writing this because we Nigerians can like to over do. We are westernized more than the people wey invent the western culture sef. Over do too dey worry us. Too aggressive and over the top. Our I must belong attitude turns my stomach sometimes.

In USA here you only hear about Ms USA and Miss different states in USA. Every other modeling thing is minor. For Naija? Ah na we do pass. Seriously this year alone I've read about and seen:

 1.Miss Nigeria-understandable. The most legit one. 
2.Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria-what? I'm lost. Then what's Ms Nigeria for?
3.Face of Peace Nigeria-huh? Nigeria ke? In peace? Since when? Abi you never hear of Oga anyi Boko haram? 
4.Face of Earth Nigeria-this one I don't even understand. We all know Nigerians don't recycle. Earth bu onye? What? 
5.Miss Century something something. This one that Nike ex beauty queen organized it. So the winner will be the most beautiful person for 100 years.! Hahahaha... I no fit laugh. Aunty Winner get back to me in ten years. Inu kwa oshi.
6.Miss Elite Model- I'm not sure what they do either. They're even having some controversy now. The girl wey win the thing last year is porting to a rival agency.hahahaha! Biko follow me and laugh. So it's all about the competition then? After the thing Una no dey take care of the models? Damn shame.
7.Miss Centenary- this one had me in stitches.! What? Lmbo! I'm so done with this. 
8. Miss Lux abi na Dove soap? Hahahaha...ok. We Stan for soaps now. No problem o! All join sha.

Truth be told I think thisbeauty pageant   organizers are just low key pimps. They search for fresh girls and pick the best. Then they market these girls via social media to celebrities and them horny thieving politicians we have. And we all know most models their achievements na to land celebs or South South governors. kill me o! I didn't mention names. 
Man ladies gotta get their life. The objectification  is sickening. I don't know why you think it's ok to have someone tell you you're not pretty enough. When in reality you slay all of them put together. All because of fame and asahewo fortune? Taaaaaa.! Y'all can have it. I'm out!