Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oya Suddenly

The living room and dining room was packed full with people. Karen be social butterfly na so I wasn't surprised. The babe knew alot of people and she is very likable and a joy to be around. Seriously one of the best people I know. 

I felt weird holding Dimples hand so I just slowly let it go. He turned around immediately but before he could say Jack Robison I was gone. lol. Lost in the crowd. hehehe :) Actually my friend Tracy was the one that dragged me into the dining room. We were trying to catch up over the loud music, and just then Suddenly by Dbanj came on. That was my jam then yo! Im not Yoruba but I could sing the Yoruba verses so well. Dbanj and Don Jazzy had my life when they were together. I'm one of the fans still holding on and praying they get back together. I miss them! I want them back making cool music for me :(:(:( #wipestears. lol. 

Trace and I made it to the dance area in the living room. Now I'm not one to brag but I'm a pretty good dancer. ESpecially if its Nigerian Music. I love Nigerian/Ghanaian music. I'm not really into the Foreign music eg. American music. It's just ** I can stand some but I Stan for no artists. 

Beyonce's digital album just came out and my friends won't let me hear word. Doesn't matter how much I shout I don't care! hahaha.  

Well I was danced my lil heart out for a min. After Suddenly, Loke and Igwe all Dbanj's music played I was burnt out. The home dj had me in mind and i thanked him well. lol. My friends Trace and Jimmy still weren't tired though. Me I sha tire and had to go. Besides I had to go check on my pies. As I was walking to the kitchen I felt someone following me. I turned and heard that same I had forgotten about Dimples! I smiled at him and walked with him back into the kitchen.

I made sure my pies were good and I sat down to talk with Dimples. I really really liked his smile but i didnt tell him o! Who get that kind liver. But I did tell him to talk a little slowly so I could understand his accent. The thing sweet to hear but na another case to understand am. 
My phone interrupted the conversation we were just starting to have... Oh good gad I thought. But can a girl just breathe? lol.