Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The first call is the Sweetest.

It was a hectic school and work week for me the week after the birthday party. I didn't even have time to take two showers a day. lol. And thats a big deal for me cos i must shower 2ice a day o. If i dont i am always so uncomfortable and it feels like im cheating on my bathroom.lol. Sounds cray cray...i know! hehehe* I was always very exhausted at the end of the day and i just ended up on the bed or the couch. It wass whichever one i sat on first that got me for the night. lol.

My friend Karen came by after my tests on Friday night to pick me up. Yea I still didn't have my glasses. The eye clinic people had said it was gonna take about 2 weeks to get a new one. I was still waiting on it. I avoided all kinds of night paroles that week and also employed my classmate as my driver for the week. That broke child had me filling up her tank every 2days. The cheap "bagger"! I love her still though!

Karen and my other friend Trace made it their weekend mission to always drag me out wherever they were going out at night. Not just at night sha...afternoon sef join. Them sabi waka o! They know every every. When I sha saw her that Friday night, I immediately remembered Dimples. Dimples! Ive only remembered him once or twice or thrice since the birthday party but Hey! who was counting? Not me! lol. I wanted to ask her alot of questions about him though. Where was he? How old was he? What kind of person he was...etc etc. But I didn't.lol. I kept my thoughts to myself. I had a hectic schedule already and adding boy matter to my struggle was gonna be a huge load. I decided to let the matter rest.

We had a great time that night. I'm never one to get dressed and start heading out on my own to meet friends, but if I'm dragged out, I always make sure to have a good time. I love dancing. alot! I hear good music and the craze hits me! lol. Also i get dragged out by them cos Karen and Tracy need a sober driver. I don't drink but they do. My alcohol stories will come in later posts. Me and alcohol=enemies.lol. Anyway when I drive them back we always end up spending the night at Karen's place. Karen didn't drink this particular night though. Their regular designated driver(me) was battling legal blindness.  Hahahaha...

The next morning I was supposed to get a ride back home from K. I had to be home before 9am so i could baby sit the lil ones at home. The lil bish that called herself Karen wouldn't get up from bed to give me a ride. No be say she drink o! Chai! She can sleep for the whole of Texas, and then some. She sha called her ever loving boo and the guy came to the lazy bones house that early in the morning to give me a ride home. His home was only 5mins away though. Thank God for that! 

I got into his car and we said our hello's. This is one nice guy I thought...lol. Nothing like one of your best friends of marriageable age finding a great guy. You find yourself constantly thanking God for her. Oh i forgot to mention Karen had about 6 years on me. lol. Why are we friends you are thinking ba? She is like my big sis...from another mother. The best! Im thankful to God for her! Also for some reason i have a lot of older friends. i love it though! I learn alot from them.

Le boyfriend of Miss Karen interrupted my thoughts and said "aren't you going to ask about Dimples?". I turned sharply to look at him with my eyes wide open. I was thinking, "What?"! My stomach turned. I knew i was visibly flushed. lol. That's the thing with me...I won't really talk o, but you can definitely read my response on my face. Hahahaha... Sometimes though! Not all the time. lol. 

The look on my face had him laughing. He then said something like I can see you are curious about him too. I thought "too"? The F he means too? Wait Dimples was curious about me too? I wasn't saying it out loud but my facial expression was doing all the talking.! K's boyfriend was just laughing his lil butt off. I wasn't offended or nothing though. lol.  I was doing the dougie in my mind! Heey! Doug-ing for a lil joy. Just a little though. A lil. lol.

He told me a lil about his cousin and then asked if it was ok to give him my number. I smiled and he was like so that's a yea? I nodded. He then made me promise he would be the only candidate for the best man job. lol. Funny guy... like the bride chooses the groom's best man. And Oga mi was just Running faster than his shadow. ;)

I got home, and I swear exactly 2hours later I got a call. It was a private number calling, so I automatically thought it was my Naija people bugging as usual. lol. I mean bugging in a good way. I'm not in Nigeria but somehow I'm always fed gist about everything and everyone. Sometimes it tire to dey answer their calls o but I love each and every one of my friends for always having me in mind. It's like I never left them and it feels great to still be in constant touch. 

This post don long o! Let me do part 2 for Una.lol. 
To be continued! And thanks for reading my posts! Hugzzzzzzz ;)