Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sex And The City.

Yea i really am talking about sex and the city. The one you know. The tv show starring Sarah Jessica Parker as the main lead character Carrie Bradshaw. 

The name of the show speaks for itself. It's about Sex a group of friends are having with the men in New York City.
Now if you don't watch the show or you've never heard of it, it's a really big show. When it was on air it won numerous awards for the actors and had huge ratings.

The show ended in like 2005 or so. It was on air for like 6 years and had a bunch of seasons. Five seasons I think. It's mainly a "chick" show but some guys I know watched it cos there was a lot of sex scences with boobs and butt in all it's

I knew about the show but I never saw it. Three years ago or so when a movie about it came out in theaters I got dragged to go see it by my friend. I saw it but I didn't really follow the story cos you know I never saw the show. lol. I liked the fashion though, also all the female characters are hot and everything about them was on point. 

So Last week my friend Tash was gushing about her all time favorite show. You guessed it...Sex and le city. lol. She had the dvd's and since I was clueless she gave me a couple of them to go watch. I got home that night and started watching it. Tash had said the show was powerful and inspiring to women and uplifting and empowering and etc etc... That's why it won alot of awards and the four female leads are bonafide A listers in Hollywood. 

I got to watching and I have to say that 
1. The four friends were all college grads with degrees and good jobs.
2. They had each others back. The relationship the ladies had on screen was one you dreamed about. Having trustworthy and loyal and honest people you can count on is priceless. I loved that about the show. 
3. I love the humor and the banter. It's a little funny. ESP the character Charlotte. She's very cute and I think she's the most beautiful of them all. 

Ok now let me get to business. Critic on
No need for numbers Let me just get this out of the way Carrie Bradshaw and her friends are the definition of "ho-es". You know the more formal word being "Whores". I watched the first 2seasons with my mouth open. Them ladies jump into bed on the first date, they hump guys at the word hello (, they date a new guy each episode. They have sex without condoms and have no filter. My gosh! I couldn't believe this glorified "asahewo" show got all them awards and rave reviews. Is this what feminism is all about? Have your job and show you can get and sleep with any guy  you want? Dang! I was appalled. I mean if this was a show with an all black cast it would be tagged ratchet ghetto hoes and how it's a shame that women are being portrayed as man prowling, desperate, bed hopping whores. Urgh let me stop here for now. I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch the remaining seasons. Also the whole Mr Big and Carrie relationship just had me like #yuck, vomit. lol. I dont mean to be harsh guys but Will keep you posted if I do watch the remaining seasons.