Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Car ride. My race

My family needed my help urgently so i had to go. I just had a lil problem, i didnt have my car with me.  I didn't have my glasses so i couldn't drive. My friend Karen had to pick me up from my house earlier in the day for the party. Another friend was gonna drop me back home after the party. The friend that was my ride back was no where to be found though. I couldn't even reach the damn Lesson :always have a plan A,B,C,D.

I had to go find Karen to let her know whats up. Oga Dimples still got up and followed me... I could feel him behind me. I wasn't really checking for him though,cos I had to get outta there and fast. Karen was wasted and i knew the girl didn't even understand all i was saying to her. lol. I was a lil frustrated though. I went over to the boyfriend and told him i needed a ride and fast. He was like Dimples just went to get his keys so he could drop me off. Imagine my surprise na. I was like "ok Thank you!".  He heard me talking to K i suppose. Thank God for his thoughtfulness. I waited for a little and Dimples came through.

We went downstairs together and got into the car. Oh! he opened the door for me and did the whole walk around to his side. lol At that time i wasn't really paying attention to the sweet gesture cos i was just interested in getting to my destination on time. hahaha. I gave him the address and he gps'ed it. Music on and seat belts checked, we were on our way. It was supposed to be a 40min drive. The comfortable car got me mehn... The leather seats plus the ac and the r&b station! The guy never even drive out of the apartment complex gate and i was gone! gone i tell you! Dont judge me biko. I was so exhausted and my body no be firewood. lol. That was a stupid thing to do though. Ladies never try that. There's alot of sicko's out there.

I opened my eyes at the last freeway exit to my house. I was embarrassed i had fallen asleep on the guy so i just kept my cool and tried to get myself together. He was just silent, driving. He wasnt really talkative i gathered. I also realized one thing then, this strange guy was going to my family's house. Haaaa... mba nu. No. He wasnt gonna come in but still i couldnt have a guy dropping me off at night. In my head i started plotting the safest place i would tell him to stop me. Silly i know but if you're bred Nigerian and a girl Im pretty sure you will understand me. We are never old enough to our parents. It was a gated community so I figured i would just tell him to stop me in front of the gate.

We got to the gate and i spoke for the first time since we got into the car. I was like thank you for the ride, I'm getting off here. He was surprised. He then said he didn't mind dropping me in front of my house. That made me smile...see this oyibo child. You do not understand my struggle life  It was a really tempting offer though cos my house was way down the lane. I politely shook my head. No thanks Oga mi. I came up with my cover story there o! I think i told him i was a night runner and i was gonna use that opportunity to get my workout on. Chai! workout in this painful shoes i was

I think he understood me and he didn't push. Bless his heart i thought. He just did this low key laugh thing that also had me crack up a lil. I wanted to hug him goodbye and say "God bless you...You are a gentleman and wont you ask for my number?". I didnt say any of those things I think i just said, "drive safe back and thank you". Before he could even reply me, i opened the car door and i was gone! Luck was on my side cos on the exit lane a car was coming out and i just ran in. I kept running and praying to God he didn't follow me. I finally stopped for a min to catch my breathe and lose them shoes. I saw flashing lights behind me. I turned around and watched the car pass me. Nope! it wasn't him. Oh The disappointment... I felt that in my stomach. First time that happened and o its not a good feeling. Shoes in hand this time...I ran away my sorrows all the way to my house. hahahaha