Monday, December 16, 2013

Lets start with Dimples

I was a nervous mess as we cleaned up the floor. It was just mostly embarrassment o! Dimples just kept saying something(i wasnt really listening)and chuckling. I just wanted him gone so I can get myself together.. I didn't really need his help cleaning. #independentwoman. Hey! Hahaha

When we finished I got some more water and went back to my baking. He then pulled out the stool and sat down on the opposite side of the kitchen counter. He was right in front of me with the counter full of my baking mess separating us. The light was directly above and I still couldn't see his face clearly. My vision was still badly blurred. I could feel him there though. Eyes on me. I wanted to ask him why he was sitting there and staring instead if going to the party in the living room, but I kept mute. lol. I honestly wanted him gone and not a conversation.

I kept my eye on the clock behind me in the microwave. Thirty minutes and the guy was still sitting there. Watching me make meatpies and not saying anything. I was so uncomfortable. Thank God I didn't drop nothing!lol. It was annoying though but just when I was about to say Biko leave na...Karen's boy friend walked into the kitchen. 

He was surprised to see Dimples sitting there. He too grab chair come Siddon infront of me. I wanted to scream then! You guys should leave! Uncomfortable no dey their dictionary?lol. 

Karen's boyfriend broke the ice and did the introductions. Thank He had the perfect name. His name was from the bible but I've never met anyone with the name. One of the prophets with his own book in the Old Testament. On this blog imma just refer to him as "dimples". Turns out he was K's boyfriend's cousin from outta town. They looked nothing alike though. Dimples was really light skinned like Oyibo pepper. K's boyfriend you no go fit see for dark o!lol. Later on I also learned they were best friends too. Same age, same character,

Dimples started talking again. That's when I heard the English accent. Honestly I couldn't really understand half of what he was saying. I didnt watch Harry Potter because of that reason. hahaha...! But I sha maintained. lol. He kept smiling as he was talking though. Still couldn't see his face but I could see his dimples. They were so deep and I just wanted to reach out and put my finger in them. I didn't o! That would have been weird. 

My pies were in the oven and K's boyfriend got the drink he came for and left. Dimples was still there. I was all settled and calm now and since the ice been broken, I walked around the counter and took the seat K's man just vacated. I turned to him and I heard him say, "I know I will be seeing you again". My eyes nearly jumped out of the sockets! He started laughing. Then he stood up, extended his hand and asked me to dance with him. I loved his smile and his laugh, so I took his hand. :):)