Sunday, December 29, 2013

The First Call Is The Sweetest. Part 2

Exactly two hours later, i get a call on my phone. There was no caller id as i said earlier so i naturally thought it was a Nigerian number calling me. I had one person in mind as the caller. One of my best friends, Tesy. I answered the call speaking pidgin English and with my mouth all filled with yam. hahaha... dont judge me. I thought i was talking to my girl-friend. The funny thing was i went on about something... I Cant remember what but it took a few seconds for me to actually hear a man's voice.

When i heard a lil chuckle and a man's voice, Omo i scrambled to swallow sharp sharp and to get my sexzzzy voice I still didnt know who it really was, so i had to ask. When he said Dimples...haaaa my heart started doing the pounding thing. I was like what? He is calling already? lol. Expect this time i wasn't speaking with my face or keeping quiet and thinking in my head. I actually said the words out loud. I think i was like why are you calling me...shouldn't you wait the normal 3 days? lol. That came from the nervousness i guess. He just laughed! That laugh! My Lawd! Some sexzzzy something. I really liked it and for a sec i think found myself wishing he was face to face talking with me...

Now i still remember everything so let me give you a lil transcript.

He(in response to my blunt question above): i couldn't wait to talk to you. Ive been waiting a whole week. as soon as i got the green light of sorts i went for it. (I laughed). I actually got your number from Karen. But i never did call because she wanted "boyfriend/cousin" to talk to me about him first and get my approval.
Me: oh really? cool story. You know you could have asked me in the car for my number?
He: well first of...i couldn't really make up my mind if i wanted to ask a girl who snores so loudly when shes sleeping for her number...
Me (cuts in...very What? snore? I do NOT! no way. You are lying.
He: buahahahahaha... ok if you say so. Maybe you were singing...
Me:(thinking) Chineke muo! Chai! Did i really snore in this fine boy's car? do i snore? Chai! My people my liver started to fail me o! Inukwa how my bride price just decreased?  I was a huge mess in my
He:(noticing my silence) You should hear me when I'm sleeping. My sister says i sound like a chu chu train. *he was laughing
Me:(relaxing) *I started laughing too* We should take notes from each other...
#Phew...that was a nice save. Dimples was really great with words. He always said what he wanted to say but made sure not to make it sound too malicious or insulting. More on that later.

He was in Germany hence the no caller id thingy. He was gonna be out there for another 2 months for work. I was so disappointed when he said that but, He was gonna be back at least so i took solace in that. Time flew o! We talked for like an hour! That was the longest i had ever lasted on a phone call with a boy abi man. lol. And i wouldn't have noticed it sef if my phone didnt beep to tell me my battery was low. Honestly it was the best first phone call ever! I loved listening to him talk and the accent had me mehn... Yea yea i didn't really understand everything he was saying but i sha tried to keep up. It wasn't all him though, I talked too. That was really a big score for me cos normally i would just be like "mmm","hmmm","yea" and "uh huh". lol. Short curt answers so i can get off the phone quickly. Phone conversations wasn't designed for me. I'm more of a text girl. I'd text or bbm you for eternity...just don't ask me to call cos ya aint gonna hear that phone ring. lol.

He promised to call me again. Because of the time difference he asked when it would be ok for him to call. I let him know. I could feel his excitement, mine was well coded sha. I was trying to give off the female ego thing of ,"if you want you call, you like dont call". E no go pain me. I wont be waiting on you. hahaha... i think i nailed it that day though. Not that it was necessary. I knew in my heart he was going to call again and i was looking forward to it.