Monday, December 16, 2013

Flush Flush

When it comes to bathroom/restrooms Im so obsessive! I clean it thoroughly. I have loads of air fresheners and bathroom cleaners. The scent has to be on point and my bathroom decor has to appeal to me. My bathroom is my sanctuary. I do not joke with it. I actually eat in there sometimes. Yea...its that

That's where i go to meditate. That's normally where i pray to God in the mornings. That's where i sit and catch up on the latest happenings on blogs. Its also my photo studio. lol
My bathroom is just a room that has to be spotless. You don't understand how happy i get when i go somewhere and they have a clean and sweet smelling bathroom. My best friends house has one of the best bathrooms ever! Its always spotless, and when ever i go there i am comfortable like its my own bathroom. lol

I share my bathroom with my mum and little niece and nephew and they know to keep it clean.  I have little rules for You don't leave your towel around. You do not spill water on the floor. If you take a shower and there is soap scum on the bath tub, biko carry sponge and scrub it off before you exit. That is how we get along. lol

Scatter scatter everywhere o but as long as the bathroom is clean. Im good.
 Also, I have little patience for people that clog toilets. I hate it and I cant stand it. I mean how hard is it to poo? You poo poo, You flush the toilet. Then you clean yourself, throw in the Tissue, you flush again. Simple. I don't know why people think its ok to poo and clean yourself, then flush it together. Hello! the toilet is not super man. Its gonna clog. You sef know say your shit big. The toilet wont magically break it down. You do it one at a time. Flush poo first, then flush again to make sure its all gone. Then you can proceed to flush the tissue after you clean yourself. Lesson 101 Hahaha. I'm a mess.

Ah im venting cos a family friend stayed over and clogged my toilet last night. Argh!!!!!!! Now i have to unclog and Disinfect the whole bowl. URRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH