Sunday, January 26, 2014

Glorious Ruins

We finally did it! We Skyped! Hahahaha...  See "badt" people. Una see "did it",  your mind land for gutter. Abeg! abeg o. I am filled with the Holy Spirit... an Anointed daughter of God.  Na step my step holy thingz we dey biko. lmbo!

He was looking so beautiful. I heard that word is totally unisex now, so i can use it to describe I was looking beautiful too *flips hair** haha. I loved looking at him and as we were talking, i found myself wishing he was right by me, and not on my screen and thousands of miles away. :( It was all awkward at first cos we were just sitting there and staring "hearts" at each other with heart racing, palms all sweaty and stomach turning(last one is all me)...buahahahahaha. Nsogbu dikwa. I don gone o my people! I like him. I really really like him. But i haven't said the words though. He is more vocal about his feelings. Make i just put a lid on mine first and do the shakara small even though I'm on cloud 9. Pinch me. lol

We talked about music. Normally for me i listen to whatever sounds good and has clean lyrics. No i do not listen to vulgar rap artists or musicians that sing dirty and swear. I dont have enough time or patience. For instance this new Beyonce's album ...i couldn't listen to it. It was all wrong. I think XO is the only song I was able to stand till the end. The rest i didn't play past 10secs. Please if you are among the Beyhive, don't come for me abeg. Im not saying i don't like her music, its just this new album is very raw/mediocre and i thank God she released it without promo...

Back to the matter, Dimples played me this amazing song. Do y'all know Hillsong United? Its an amazing Christian band. Wait i think they also have this big church in New York City. My friend goes there and she is always gushing about how awesome the church is. There is this song called "Glorious Ruins", and my o my.... that song sends me to heaven mehn. Its been on replay since Dimples played it for me. His play list has a lot of Christian bands. He also played me music from This amazing band "Jesus Culture".

The whole album is titled Glorious Ruins by Hillsong Live. Its on Spotify and you can listen to it for free. If you haven't heard it before, abeg go find am and listen to it. YouTube has the whole album too. You will be blessed. Below is the Song "Glorious Ruins"... please listen! The lyrics are onscreen :)

A man that believes in God. A man that loves God and worships God more than everything. I prayed for that...