Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Work blues

My people I just got home. I finally get the day off today and tomorrow! I worked back to back 18 hour shifts for 3days and i think i cant feel my feet anymore. Its the young age, Its now for me. This is the time i can stand on my feet all day and not fall down and collapse. God na my ike o! And Yes i did need the money. My bills don't pay themselves and Sugar Daddy never locate me yet. Man must work o! back is finished too. I don die. I really do need a massage! Married people are so lucky... They get massages for free. See how I'm going to lay down in pains and sleep my life away! Its not easy o! #tears. Dangote oooo! Come and adopt me biko. Investing 300million in Rice? Haba... $30grand will do. I don't ask for much, Them rice are greedy somethings. hahaha...
Well im going to crash now and Im turning my phone off biko. Before someone dem no born from them mama sonetin interrupts my sleep. The way its doing me now, I will kill them over the phone. Ok bye now :D