Thursday, January 9, 2014

On Butterflies and Heritage

The first call ended and It was really good y'all. I was proud of myself for actually keeping a conversation going that long and not getting bored. It was a huge feat for me guys cos I normally shy away from things like that. But with Dimples it was like I had this whole other person in me emerging. I kinda liked it.

I didn't have a call back number though but that was fine with me. At least I don't have to do the whole should I call him or not dance with myself. Hahaha... That thing is just too much wahala. I had a friend shut a guy down cos he called 4days after she had given him her number. She said if he really wanted something with her, he would have called her the very next day or that same day. What do I know? Ok moving on...

I'm sure you've guessed it by now...I've never had a boyfriend. I know,  I know what's a twenty plus two year old girl doing without some "loving"? Well I've had prospects in the past o, but something always seemed off. I will elaborate each of their stories in different posts. No be say na me holy pass but I know what I want and I've never been In a relationship cos the whole package never come. lol.

So back to the story... I got a call back a day later! And this time there was a number on my screen. My phone did show me the country... Germany thingz na. *wink wink** In my bid to tone down my excitement and the crazy butterflies in my stomach, the phone stopped ringing! Omo see as I begin panic... I was looking at my phone and kinda screaming No, no, no. Where my call coma go na? Na so I begin fire prayer so that my phone would ring again. Hahaha! And the embarrassing thing was I was outside in school, sitting with a friend that had no idea what was up with me. She was like "are you ok? ". Me nwa just tuned the fly off and continued my prayer for the Dimples to call me back o! He did about ten mins later. Praise The Lord someborri! Hahaha... oh yes!

I still calmed a lil but this time I did it faster and then, I answered in the sweetest, nonchalant voice I could come up with. You know this kind thingz's a "coding sontin". You can't be all out there. Excited and ish... Save it for later when Una get exclusive ya know what I'm saying? lol
He started with that his sweet laugh and he called me my name. Omo ehn this my name I've been hearing it all my life o but when he says it... #swoon! My stomach starts acting all crazy and ish. He really has an amazing deep voice with all that British accent. See me tripping for British accent o! Me that I refused to watch Harry Potter cos I just couldn't stand the accent. Well well...thingz change o! 
Haaa... lol

It was that phone conversation that I found out what some people have been asking me. His heritage. Dimples is half German(dad), half Nigerian &Lebanese(mum). I know!!! Only one person carry this kind rich heritage! But I was happy o! At least Naija take enter...and He wasn't a floating Nigerian sef, His uncles and grand parents lived there. He worked for a Nigerian company In Port harcourt for a while. Homeboy was very much Nigerian and His state na Delta. I'm not for sure how to spell it but its Urobho ba? You sha get place I'm trying to mention. I was happy o! At least my parents will hear Nigeria join the whole thing and they will let up a lil. That's if something did come out of this... Now I'm running faster than my But these thingz matter o! I can't be going into something when I know my parents may fight me on it. Energy to fight for "love" is honestly something I know say I no get. lol.
Pray with me :)