Friday, January 10, 2014

First Crush in Oyibo

OK so in my last post I did mention that I'm in my twenties but up until a year ago I never had a boyfriend. Well I'm here to talk about my first crush. And when I say first I really do mean first. I was a late bloomer y'all. Like really late.

I was 18. Hahaha... Yes I know that sounds unbelievable for you obodo oyibo kids but a bred Naija girl kid will understand. I was in my 12th grade here and for the first time in my life, I started to notice boys. When I mean notice, I mean actually crushing on them and wishing I'd be their girlfriend or something. 
I went to an all girls school in Nigeria, then I moved here for the last two years of high school. The first year I spent like a zombie. It was Only school for me, no social activity or friends. It was really hard adjusting cos of the culture difference and also cos I was a shy girl.  Ok Like I came from this sheltered all girls school in a Nigerian remote village,  to this all white big city mixed public school. Omo the difference was clear and very scary. I spent my first year and almost half of the second year sef comparing and contrasting the two worlds. I learnt a whole lot being an observer. I thank God for that. More on that later...

Ok so there was this boy Kevin. Omo this boy fine o! Like his fine is Diddy's son Quincy Combs fine. They look alike so, google him to get the picture guys... This boy was not just fine but he was on the swim team and he was real smart too. Most of the girls in the school wanted him. I heard stories mehn... High school girls are something else. I swear I used to think I was In a university cos of the way everyone was acting waaaaay beyond their teen years and it felt like no one could stop them. Anyway I sha stayed away from this Kevin guy o! My hand no dey.

So one day I drove my sisters car to the gas station a lil mile away from the school. When I was coming out from the store, I ran into Kevin. I just looked up at him and didn't say anything. I kept on walking to my car. The boy followed me o! I got to my car and turned na. I faced him and he was just standing there smiling. I wondered why he was smiling, but I waited for him to say something. He asked me my name and I told him. He then asked if I was the girl in all his AP classes. I answered yes! In my head i was like, ah homeboy noticed me? Hian! The next thing this "guy" man walked into my personal space and then asked me why I ran when I saw him. Omo ehn my spit finished in my mouth. It was all dry and ish and cos of that I couldnt really talk. I sharply stepped back and bumped into my car. He started laughing and then he told me he thought I was cute but that I'm so stuck up and never talk to anybody. lol.

Well he did get one part right, I hardly spoke to anyone. However I didn't know they all thought I was stuck up cos of that. I was just too shy. 
Anyway he stepped back and then asked if he could help me pump my gas. I let him and as he was doing it, he kept talking. He invited me to a friends party that afternoon but I just blurted out "No". I was a social mess. Hahaha... I was a case then o! I hardly talked but I always gave answers from the heart. No sugar coating or bush beating. I aint gat time for

 After that day, whenever he'd see me In school, he'd come talk to me. He switched seats in our AP English and Math classes to sit with me. He was the one that started introducing me to other seniors and that's how I met my high school best friend. Her name was Hannah. She got pregnant after high school for her army boyfriend sha. We lost touch. And o she had twins. I think they're stationed in Japan now... Miss her :(

 Because of Kevin, I came out of my shell and started participating in school activities. Thank God for him cos I had about 3 months extra curricular activity with the debate team and school paper for my college thingy. He came at the right time and did his God given role in my life. I never let on that I liked him o! We were just friends cos he had a girlfriend in College. His girlfriend then was 2years older and a University 2nd year. See boss level thingz na. High schooler with College babe. Omo ehn... lol.
To the best of my knowledge he never cheated on her with them thirsty high school girls. I wouldn't bet my paycheck on that

Memo to Kev:
Hi Kevin... boy you gotta go back to College. I cant believe you dropped out :( Try and make it right my friend. Let God guide you. :)