Sunday, January 19, 2014

My American Army Boy

Today i remember Don my army boy. I was just browsing through my timeline on facebook and i saw this new TV show on Fox called Enlisted. I don't even know if its premiered yet. It just made me remember my first proposal ever. Yup it was from an Army boy! Let me tell you the story. I will try to highlight the relevant points.

When i was 19 i met this amazing woman called Mpezi. I hope i spelt that correctly my Kenyan people. Forgive me biko if i misspelled it. lol. She was ten years older than i was but she and i hung out like that didn't matter. Yes o! I'm an old soul. A lot of my friends have a good number of years on me but it don't even feel like it most times. I fit right in. Anyway  Mpezi was dating this oil off shore Kenyan guy. I used to hang out with them alot and soon i started to think i was Kenyan too. I swear! lol. I have met some very amazing Kenyans! I love them!

Don the Army guy was having a birthday party. Now i had never met him o but they used to talk about him constantly because he was Mpezi's boyfriend's best friend. Are you still with me? lol
They sha dragged me to his birthday party and when we arrived i was wow'd! Omo ehn there was enough good looking Army men there. Them Army guys can like to fine o! And the ones that were there sef were the tall, dark and handsome ones. I felt extremely small so i just found my square root in one

My friends went to mingle and find the celebrant and i was just sitting and enjoying the music. It was a nice house o! Nice neighbourhood too. I was impressed. One fine gentleman approached where i was sitting, with a drink in hand. He was smiling and he asked me if i wanted something to drink. I politely declined and before i could say "Jack Robinson" this guy sat beside me. I turned and smiled awkwardly at him and he introduced himself with his hand out for a handshake. He said "Hi my name is Don". I was like Don? Wait this is your party? He started laughing and said yes. I still didn't take his hand though. I was just looking at him and taking in his features. lol. He snapped him back to reality sha and i politely shook his hand for a second. His hand was big o! I don't know what you are thinking but my hand no dey...lmao! Na you get your mind. hehehehe :D

I don't know where it came from but i just started running my mouth. By now you should know that when i get nervous, i ramble. I think i told him i was there with his best friend and his girlfriend and Ive heard so much about him. I was really curious about the scar he had on his face so i asked him about it. Thats another thing about me, I will ask you anything that comes to mind. Im a mess when Im nervous mehn... lol. About the scar, He didn't get it at the war like i thought (lol...he hasn't even been to one then), it was a knife wound and he got it from a bar fight. His stock just decreased then and there for me. I was like...NEExxxTTT. I aint gat time for no bad boys. haha

Mpezi found us talking and she came over to introduce us. She was the one that told him my name. lol. He said something funny and i laughed and then he got up and said he would love to hear that laugh again. Mpezi just brought out her phone and gave my number without asking me! I later found out it was all planned. The set up with the Kenyan American Army boy.

To be continued...

So My boss and her cohorts are trying to keep us from going online when we are at work. Oh comeon! its night shift, not like we have a lot to do after midnight. We gotta stay awake somehow right? No mind these "Ogas at the top" mehn... Chilling in their beds at night and still trynna control how we spend our downtime at night. Arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh! They are finna push my wrong button o! Haaaaaa