Thursday, January 16, 2014

Its Skype time! Or is it?

I don't keep up with all these new technology somethings... Snap chat, Insta chat, Vine etc etc... Forget my age, I'm like an old grandma when it comes to these stuff. I didnt buy an ipod till 2012. I have a bunch of Skype contacts but i can honestly count how many times Ive done the Skype video chat thingy. Seriously why does every one want to see some one's face? Cant we all just text each other and live ehn? Inukwa Nsogbu?

Mr Dimples have been on my case the past three days talking about how he really wants to see my face and ish... Yesterday I had to tell him to back off me biko. I don't have time to sit down and Skype with you. When you come back from where you are, you can see me. Oh don't worry, i said that in the sweetest way possible. hahahaha! Not that he listened to me anyway.... I woke up to this text, "hey alien! the girl i like is an alien. Well i sure hope you fix your antenna this morning and rub your green lotion or whatever it is that makes you guys green. Just a reminder. Have a good morning with your other alien buddies and fam". Lmao! Oh This boy is an

My friend Lyric(yes, thats really her name), relaxed and styled my hair for me. I mean i got my hair did today. Eyebrows done and errthang on point. As soon as i got home, I "imessaged" him to give him his skype contact so i could call him. Omo ehn he didnt even waste time. He sent it sharply and told me hes excited and waiting. This had to be like midnight his time o! lol. Homeboy couldnt even hide his excitement. Hahaha...thats one thing with him. Hes so open and blunt. Well he does know what he wants and i applaud him for going for it. I'm a catch, thank you very much. #flipsmyhair and #rme. lol Hi hater *tongue

Yes you guessed it! I didn't wanna Skype or face time before because i hadn't got my self together. lol But now that i have, Im like "im ready for you boy". You can see me now.

 Well Except that i got nervous and couldn't bring myself to make the call. hahahaha... I don't know what is wrong with me o! My stomach started turning so bad and my palms got real sweaty and my heart beat was racing and I even had to go to the number two in the bathroom and i remained there for over 45 minutes. Strength to stand up failed me. hahaha... I sha came out to see my phone filled with messages from him. I couldn't even bring myself to read them. I just turned my phone off and laid down on the bed. Soon enough i was asleep! I just woke up and i cant even turn my phone on for fear of what i will read. I'm such a mess...*covers face*  Maybe im not cut out for this mehn...Ije love adiro (the love journey is not) easy my people.
Another fail on my I need to get it together o!