Monday, January 13, 2014

Face time???

Ah Mr Dimples is really something! I mean hes so sweet and funny and nice and considerate and intelligent and... Oh my gosh! Im gushing. lol. Truth be told, I am really smitten.
He has been calling me a whole lot. Almost everyday, i get a call from him! I like it! I really like talking to him and hearing him laugh at my jokes. He thinks I'm funny...hehehe. Hey! Doesn't matter if you agree. I don't care for you! *sticks my tongue out at you* lol

For a while now he didnt have any access to the Internet. He just recently connected his phone to the phone service in Germany and got his own number. Phew! Thank God. Now we can text. That's more where i have a grade A in. I'm a text -er. I can write an epistle in a minute. lol.  I'm fast like that and yea I'm proud. Hahaha...its an accomplishment and a skill, thank you very much!

So since he is using his cell phone now i totally forgot to prepare myself for the inevitable. Face time! Skype! I forgot about those means of communication! I remembered today though because I saw a face time call request from him! I was like whaaaatttt? What is this guy face timing me for? Silly i Know but come on now, you don't just face time a girl. You gotta text and ask in advance so we can get ready.

Omo i let the thing ring o! Me no answer. He called to face time again and i still didn't pick up. Ah my people i wasn't ready to fall my hand and that of my mother na... How can? I looked an absolute mess. My eyebrows was due for a wax. I had just taken my braids out and my hair was still unrelaxed. My lips were chapped from the nonsense cold and I was wearing an old tshirt that i swear has seen better better days. The blemishes on my face were more pronounced and the pimple on my forehead was just all ripe and shiny. Plus i just finished frying plantain and i was sweating buckets. The heater in the house was turned all the way up because my mother no fit stand cold. Ah not tell me how i wan take answer the face time looking like Ru Paul on a bad day? Mba nu...

I know. i know, some of you are thinking looks don't matter. are so cute and so sweet. Its true sha. For me I think I will let you see me natural but i will save that horror and open that not so great can when we've jumped the broom. But For now? Its all about you thinking i wake up Flawless. That's what mama taught me. Na market we dey here biko. I cant pour sand inside my own garri na.

Dimples kinda has an idea when I'm free. I had told him when it was okay to call me. I did that cos of the different country time zone and all. While i was thinking of the best way to respond to the missed Face time calls, he texts me.
Homeboy was like.. "are you free? I really want to see your beautiful face today". See this guy. E no know say he suppose give me a heads up nu, so the beautiful face can be waiting to face time? Ah and my foundation finished yesterday sef so i never replace am. My guy go see beautiful face on another day... Today was not his

I didn't want to lie, so i just texted him the truth. lol I said, "I look like a hot mess, I'm not face time ready. Dude im a lady. we are supposed to schedule this kinda thing so i can keep up with the appearances and look flawless you know..."
He then sent me about 20 of that apple laugh emoji that has tears in it. At the end he said... "oh gosh! you wow me. I really do like you Lee". Oh yea people... He calls me Lee! I liiiikkkkkee it! hahahaha...