Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I want to be like LaTasha!

I know alot of Tasha's and i can honestly say that there is something about that name. Yes o! All of them wey i know sef na hood rat ghetto babes! I love them all like that though. Let me tell you about this Tasha. Her full name is Latasha and boooy is she fierce! That lady is 30 shades of hot sotey my boss dey fear am. lol

Latasha comes late to work every day she is on shift. No body says nothing. Her excuse? Shes got kids. But i know Tasha o! Its true that shes got kids but my people her kids enter the bus at 6;15am. Ok Latasha lives only ten mins away from work and the clock in time is 7 am. Tell me why this heifer comes in 30 mins late all the time ehn biko nu?

Latasha is bipolar. That is my own diagnosis on her o! Omo if the chick comes in the morning you just gotta measure her face first. Is she happy? Is she mad? Oh shes mad that day?  Haaa...What did baby daddy Tremaine do now... Oh shit. Just know that you are not leaving that nursing station till she calms and listens to your shift reports on the patients. Don't you dare ask her what is wrong either. The stink eye and hood rat curses you gonna get is not gonna make your morning good. She has her happy days though. Days she comes in happy and smiling. Boy do we pray for those days whenever we see shes on the schedule to

Latasha is always on point. Her hair is forever laid, makeup fixed, shoes right and scrubs tight. Errthang girl! She is always on her A game in appearance. She comes into work and goes straight to the bathroom. Then comes out looking extra flawless. Oh don't mess with Tasha and her looks. Shes a vain *insert female dog name here* One unlucky new girl asked her one time, "is that your hair?". Lets just say the little white girl left that day crying her eyes out. Lesson! never ask a black woman you do not know if whatever she has on her head is hers. Honey you could get beat and it ain't worth it boo. Mind ya own hair ooo!

Latasha is out spoken. She tells it as it is. No sugar coating and no constructive bush beating. She once told the charge nurse that if she would get off her fat ass and actually rounded on the patients, then we could get higher Patient satisfaction scores for our Unit. Oh don't feel bad for the charge nurse. We were all thinking it... Latasha just helped us say it. That one (charge nurse) is always blaming everybody but herself for anything going wrong on our unit. But when it comes to taking the glory, she get off her chair and hurries to the front to get credit. That woman is lazy ehn... Chai! And very annoying and arrogant too. The Southern hospitality gene missed her. #tueh

Latasha is a boss... guess who got all the holidays off? Christmas, Thanksgiving, New years Eve, etc etc... Sister Mi no work for any of them days o! My manager really likes her and she just caters to her every excuse. My people having a relationship/kissing up to the boss pays o! Ask Tash! hahahaha :D

Latasha is late, loud mouthed, vain, a lil bipolar but she backs it up with hard work. Now as soon as Latasha gets into the work, shes in. She is a great nurse. Ok on most occasions she is. lol. I remember when we had this one aggressive for no reason, difficult patient that decided she was gonna make every body's shift time miserable... They gave her to Latasha as a patient. She "checked" the patient real quick in words you should never use on a patient/customer. And after that exchange, she reported herself to the manager. They did take her off the patient duties, but the patient insisted she wanted her as her nurse still. By the end of the shift i heard the patient was best friends with her and co operating with all her treatments. The magic that is Tasha :)

hahahaha... I'm writing this Tasha post cos this my co worker/ friend April had Latasha's name in her mouth for a min. She was complaining about Tasha to me in the break room o! Well Latasha came into the break room a lil while after her rant and she's scared Tasha heard her. Shes literally pink in color now cos Ms Latasha decided to sit and chill with us. lol. The fear of Tasha is the beginning of wisdom. Oh April dear... quit texting me. I don't think she heard you. You are still alive right now so that's a positive sign you're good. hahahahaha! Oh i work with different characters mehn... April's story is coming. lol