Friday, January 24, 2014

The Book Of Friends According to Esther

Yesterday I had the best conversation with my friend Esther. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I now know for sure she is one of my favorite people.

Esther and I went to the same high school in Nigeria. We were never friends though. I mean we were in the same set but we barely spoke. We rolled in different circles and we had very different personalities.
I hardly heard about her when we lived together in the dormitory because she was real quiet and nerdy. Oh this chick was smart though and she was a very good person. Hardly got involved in petty girl A born leader, I think she was class prefect for years for her class. She was also this Math guru. Most of us knew that and I always admired that about her albeit from afar. She was always with the brainiacs in our set. Those brainiacs always thought they were better than every one and most of them were stuck up. Not Esther though, she was the nicest. But Esther was just that to me...a smarty pants class mate who wore really really long day wears. My friends and I used to make fun of her behind her back for that. In school every girl wanted to show off their hips and legs so we call wore really tight day clothes except Esther. Her day wear was the correct school mandated style and was well well below the knees. Im talking almost to the floor in length...Im not even joking. lol. She was among the people we called "Mama Riy cho". That meant Madam Righteousness. lol. Oh Esty baby...she didn't care. She rocked her Mary Amaka school clothes with so much pride. She let Her brains speak for her and boy did they make the loudest noise. That shut us up... I aint even gonna lie, its true i was smart but home girl was smarter! lol. Esty baby :D

After High school, we reconnected again through Facebook in 2010. That's when i started following her updates and I found out Esther was/is:
Funny- you should read her face book updates. you will laugh your butt off. That chick kills me every time.
Social- I swear she had her whole school on face book and they were always attending one social gathering or the other. Then they'd interact in the comment section. I felt like i knew her friends.
Loved-Her friends and family always showing her love...
Vocal and Confident-She writes objectively and she hardly ever judges or discriminates anyone.
Smart- hello? She is a med student.
Beautiful and Natural-she hardly has "pancake" and lipstick on but her beauty shines through. Natural and slaying it every time.
Gorgeous Hair: her natural hair is all the way to her back and the some. Long and beautiful black hair. I die everytime she shows it off. Im so jealous. Mine wont grow :( Btw that's a picture of her hair up
Christan- and rightly so. Back then in school she was never interested in being a bad girl. Shes always stuck to her Morales and never set them aside to fit in and impress the wrong popular crowd.
Good dress sense-Her skirts still always touches her knees but at least they're really nice skirts. Nothing checkered and flayed. lmao!
Compassionate and Caring: Esty will call you to just say hi. She will help you if you are in need and she will never ever hold it like a banner and "lord" it over you. This girl rocks!

Over the years we have become so close and can talk freely. We talk about everything...Shes Has such a brilliant mind and is so intelligent. Whenever i talk to her she just radiates this joy and i just want to reach over and hug her through the phone. hahahahaha... My young G stunner and blessed being. One of my Nigerian friends that actually calls my phone instead of just flashing me to call them back. lmbo! Shes a keeper! I hope God keeps you alive for many more years and you be successful in all you do. I love you girl :D Oya chop air kiss and hug. xoxo